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Winding down.

I have been writing this blog with strict irregularity for over five years.  I have made some great “imaginary” (aka Internet) friends, a few of which have become real live “I can prove to my husband that you exist” friends.  I have followed some other blogs (which is how I got here in the first place, thanks to Ruth in Whistler)  and stopped following others.

It turns out that writing, however brief and sporadic, is not where my heart lies.  By its nature, a blog is a soapbox, a place where a person can take a stand and write whatever one wants.  There may or may not be feedback, and therein lies my problem.  I want conversation.  I want interaction. Even if I don’t feel like taking part, I want to be able to lurk around other conversations.   Like the Little Mermaid, “I want to be where the people are”.

As you may have suspected, my creative life is centred on fibre.  I knit, I weave, I dream about fibre, and when I can’t sleep at night, I get up and reorganize my fibre stash or wind skeins of yarn, or plan my next project.  I don’t get up and write a blog post.  As I said, this is not where my heart lies.

I suspect that I am not the only one.  I have noticed over the past year that many of the blogs I follow have become inactive.  Some have petered out and some have just stopped cold.  The latter ones have caused me some worry, and not all my follow-up “I hope everything’s okay” emails have been answered.  I just hope that everything’s okay.

Where is all this leading?  Under Sask Skies (blog edition) is saying so long.  Five years is a long time to hold my attention even sporadically, and I think I have given it a good run.  I am not slamming the door, only leaving it ajar.  Thanks for dropping in over the years, and hopefully we can touch base every now and then.  In the words of James T. Kirk, “it’s been…fun.”


Come back when you’re ready to throw the ball. We’ll be waiting. Or taking a nap. Or barking. Or whatever.

p.s.   If you want to look me up on Ravelry, I am UnderSaskSkies.  I am there nearly every day when I should be doing housework. Drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood.


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