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While I’ve been quiet blog-wise this fall, knitting has happened.

I love this sweater.  The pattern is from here, and the yarn is Knitpicks Stroll sock yarn.  I can’t remember the colourway, (maybe Forest?) but the yarn aged in my stash nicely enough that it’s been discontinued.  I really like this yarn- it’s lovely to knit with, and the colour changes are “Goldilocks”; not too big, not too small, just right.  The back of the cardigan is seed stitch, and it’s just so darned cute!  All that’s needed is a little pair of pants, and in spite of the whole pinkness of the situation (the first tutu has been purchased.), I think at least one outfit in earth tones is a good idea.  (Especially if the little one has red hair like Dad.)

What else?

This little Pixie hood is also from the book noted above, and for the first time ever in my life is knit from the same yarn as the sample!  Knitpicks Imagination sock yarn, also a discontinued colourway, but I did have enough in my stash for the hood and this:

Also from the same book, this is a beaded shawl that went to my daughter-in-law for Christmas.  It blocked beautifully, and I was so overwhelmed by how nice it looked that I wrapped it up and sent it off without taking a picture.  Geoff has been instructed to get me a picture of it being modelled, so once I receive that I will post it.  I told Geoff that the picture can include pregnancy evidence or face, or not if they’re feeling shy.  (How shy can they be?  We got a framed copy of their first ultrasound picture.)

Other stuff:

I wove this wrap for Mike’s Auntie Peggy.  It’s Chunky Marble for warp and weft, and the colours turned out beautifully.  I was concerned that there might be some muddying or pooling but the Crafty Christmas Gods seemed to smile on me.

What else?

Glasses sock from the same book.  I lined them with cotton, but I wouldn’t recommend them for keeping your glasses safe at the bottom of your purse.  It was interesting to see how the colours behaved differently just changing the needle size by 1.

Uck- what a crappy picture.  Good thing I don’t take money from people to take their portraits.

What does one do with 65 grams of leftovers from 2 sunglasses socks?  One cranks out nearly 200 feet of icord (at least I think that’s how much it was), then one knits a trivet in seed stitch using fat needles, the size of which I cannot remember.

From the same book (can you spot the emerging theme?) is this scarf.  While I like the wool (Knitpicks stroll hand-paint) and I like the pattern, together they are both sort of lost.  Ah well, the subtleties won’t matter as much when it’s tucked around someone’s neck.

I actually broke down and knit something with my Koigu KPPPM (is that enough P’s?  I never know.)   While I now have no Koigu left in my stash (sad face), I do have this cute little ruffle.  It’s just right for inside my jean jacket.

Do you ever run into a ball of wool that has a mind of its own?  Of course you have.  I have a couple of balls that I thought would make a really cute little dress,  but after 7 tries on the hem, I realized that the wool has no intention of becoming that dress.  I have repurposed it as a sweater, and until I was hit by my own version of Christmas Madness, the wool seemed to be cooperating.  Sadly, the arrival of 120 balls of Palette seem to have pushed the little sweater to the back burner.  I intend to take it with me when I decamp to Buckeye in a couple of weeks, as well as my small loom,  there to give the old fibre mojo a much-needed shot in the arm.  The only thing left to do is to arrange for all the cold weather to happen here at home during February.  Oh yeah.  I guess I should take down the Christmas tree, too.

This being December 31st, I wish you all a Joyful and Prosperous New Year, with fibre, inspiration and time all in compatible measure.  Even though most of us have never met, I value each of you as a friend and co-conspirator.  Have a good one.  See you next year.


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Late Christmas 2011 Edition

When Mike told me he had ordered my gift online, I suspected that he may have read one of my emails with the link to Knitpicks.  I was hoping for a sampler pack of Palette to use in my weaving adventures- it’s feltable, and comes in lots of colours.

When I came home today there was a box waiting for me.  Apparently it was delivered to the Freightliner dealership across from Mike’s business, and Mike was in receipt of a box of antique truck parts destined for Freightliner, so a hostage exchange  was arranged.

Anyways, here’s the sequence:

Seems like a big box for 30 balls of wool...

Take off the tape:

Hmmm. Doesn't look like any kind of colour theme emerging.


Yup, the whole Magilla.


From any angle, that’s a whole lotta wool.  120 balls of my favourite weight (fingering), 120 different colours,  and a feeling that I may have to take up fair isle knitting, or at the very least, stripes.  It’s going to find itself in a whole lot of weaving and felting, and I am officially labelling this as the Best Christmas Ever.  My husband- I think I’ll keep him.

Oh yeah, as an aside:  thanks Erin, for telling me how to get the @#!$%*** Angry Birds app off my iPad.  I’m going to remove it as soon as I pass all the levels.


ETA:  Something just occurred to me.  You know how there was always a kid on the first day of school who, regardless of what the supply list said, showed up with the ultra-super-deluxe-jumbo special set of pencil crayons and you only had a set of 12 or 24?  I just realized that after 53 years on the planet, I am finally that kid.  Yay!



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Well, here it is chez Under Sask Skies, and another Christmas has come and gone.  It was , par usual, quiet and uneventful (no trips to the emergency room, no  one vomiting) and we all had a good time.  Mike tells me that the gift he ordered online is floating around in the Canadian postal system (doubtless seeing all corners of the country that I have yet to visit) so my Christmas will continue on until all the mail has been delivered.  I am also waiting for some stick shuttles for a weaving project I am tap dancing around, but that’s not as exciting as a mysterious gift that Mike picked out with only a bit of guidance from me.  He did give me an iPad on which I am two-finger typing right now.  The only thing I am missing is my older son to be on call for the first year to help me navigate.  At first glance the much-vaunted App store is full of lots of apps for which I have no use, don’t need, or can’t understand.   Does anyone have any suggestions for some useful (read: not Angry Bird) apps that might entertain or educate me?  Fibre-related is an option, but not strictly a necessity.

Knitting has been on hiatus for the last week or so.  Does that make me a fake knitter?  I know I’m supposed to be knitting frantically until the wee smalls on the 24th, but I was too busy  with family.  There’s lots on the needles, and lots lined up in my mental queue, so once I stop eating sugar and get some much-needed sleep, fibre activity will re-commence.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, or whatever, and do let’s keep in touch in 2012.  Oh,  right, communication is by definition is two-way, so I’ll pull up my socks and “talk” to you soon.  Happy New Year!

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