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My Baby

Nineteen years ago today, my younger son was born.  We’ve gone from this:


to this:


and from this:


to this:


He was pretty much happy all through it except for a few months in high school, and has turned out quite nicely, thank you.  **I guess one of the bonuses of getting older and having selective memory is that even if Andrew has been a rotten child, I have chosen (subconsciously or otherwise) to forget that.   The little darling has just informed me that he hasn’t signed a release to have these pictures on the internet.  I refuse to bow in the face of intimidation, especially in light of the fact that I happen to have possession of a certain bottle of alcohol which was acquired illegally. 

I finished another multi-directional scarf today.


If you notice that one end is square and one is pointed, it’s because I ran out of wool before I could square off the pointed end.  Since the scarf is barely long enough as is, I didn’t feel like frogging back half a triangle.  I’m not sure what’s up, because the finished scarf weighs 128 grams, and the leftover wool weighed 10 grams.  Since I used three balls that were all labelled as 50 grams, I’m missing 12 grams.  It would have made the difference in squaring off the end, but what the heck.  (Yes, I have a digital postal scale.  It is my newest favourite toy.)  We’ll just call the pointy end a design feature.

Now that the scarf is done, I will re-attack the green sweater.  I have a few inches done on bigger needles (2 sizes), and I think it’s too big this time.  I guess I drop down a size and go for “third time’s a charm”.  One more false start and I may lose interest indefinitely.  There’s always the Buegler shawl I could resurrect…

We’re off for dinner tonight with Andy and two of his friends.  I think the request was for ribs, so it’s Tony Roma’s.  I have to rush and make a cake, so away I go!   Have a good one.


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As Deb pointed out in her last post, tomorrow (March 20) is Sweater Day.   Now I know this may be a hardship for some of you, but let’s all wear a sweater tomorrow in honour of the American equivalent of Mr. Dressup.  I myself plan to wear several sweaters tomorrow, although not all at the same time.

I had a quick visit with my chiropracter today, who gently suggested that I might want to consider taking a day off of knitting.  I can’t imagine what she thinks knitting has to do with sore shoulders, neck and back, but I might take a leap of faith and give it a try.  The only thing is if it works, I can’t tell her, because then she’ll be all smug, as though she’s gone to school and then been in practice for years.

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I am a happy camper.  I finished my very first Drops Design project (Drops 103-1, used Patons chunky),


and found some okay buttons.  They don’t make my heart go all a-flutter, but they match well and do the trick.


The colour in this shot is yucky.  The full shots are accurate:


For the first time in a long time, I didn’t think that I needed to add 2 inches to the sleeves, so they are even the right length!   This is not an indoor sweater, as it is a fairly thick fabric, and the collar sits close to my neck, but it’s going to be fun.  As the ladies told me this morning at S&B, swing jackets are “in”, and well, you all know how trendy I am.  I can usually figure out what’s going on in the world of fashion within four or five years.  You don’t get much more trendy than that…As long as I can wear it with my dull-and-boring boot-cut jeans, I’m happy.

I have started another multi-directional scarf (darn you, Terri, for ever introducing me to that pattern.  It’s addictive.) 

100_4090.jpgThese colours are rich, but the yarn has not got much twist and as such, is a little, well, fragile.   It does not react well to frogging, or tension, or having someone look at it with a frown or crossed eyes.

Speaking of frogging, I finished the back of the Sirdar Juniper v-neck pullover:


Frogging will commence directly, as it has turned out a little smaller (4 inches one way, 5 inches the other) than the schematic.  Now before you all give me shit for not swatching, I am fully aware of the pitfalls of flying by the seat of my pants, and I would like to point out that I swatched for the swing jacket above, so I can’t be expected to swatch for two projects in a row.  This v-neck is a fast knit, so it won’t take long to re-knit it with a bigger needle.   **note:  I will not be swatching the re-do either.

What else?  The dogs, you ask?  They’ve been to the beauty parlour, and Attie in particular is sporting a new “do”.  From this:

to this:


She looks a little like a yellow lab, but as long as no-one laughs at her she should be okay.  Then there’s the two together: 


Notice how Attie still has her bow.  Wallace will have removed it by the time I post this.  He doesn’t hold with that kind of frippery. 

Guess what was under a snowbank?


Now, if only Mike would come home…

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Back to my Roots

I just realized that this is the first anniversary of my blog!  I have no pictures today (ooh!  Deja vu all over again.) but I have been busy.  I have to buy some buttons tomorrow (I found one in my button stash, but I need three.)  and then can take some photos and show you what I’ve been up to.   I wonder: does anyone else find that they are always one skein/button/size of needles short?  I think this is why I am not a very successful stash knitter- I prefer to buy for a specific project.  At least then I know I have enough yarn.

After reading the Harlot’s post today,  I have decided that I am not trying hard enough to acknowledge my Irish roots (I think I’m one sixteenth Irish on my father’s side).  I don’t have any Guiness in the house, and I certainly was not going to walk 12 kilometers for a bottle.  As well, we did not have Irish soda bread or any other Irish fare today.  I did make ginger scones (and ate half the batch before lunch).

I did my best to infect Geoff’s girlfriend on the weekend.  She’s been knitting for a while, so I deicded to broaden her horizons and took her to Gina Brown’s in Calgary (I was in Calgary for a conference and didn’t have time to take her on the whole tour.  Next time we’ll hit all the yarn shops.), but her eyes glazed over and she started to mumble incoherently.  Her yarn purchasing until now has been at the evil W****rt and at Micha**’s, so it was my mission to introduce her to the good stuff.   She had no idea what was out there.  (That being said, I have dropped the odd dollar at Michael’s and been very happy with the result, but it’s just not the same as a good specialty shop.)  She caught the bug, and my work there is done.

Back to the anniversary:  Writing in a blog has been a lot of fun.  While it is not the commercial writing that Mike envisioned me doing when I left the bank, it has allowed me to learn new things and meet nice new people.  I have learned more about my camera, my computer, my knitting and my aspirations in all three areas.  I thank you for dropping by and hope you’ll continue to do so.   Coffee’s usually on (it’s decaf in the evening), there’s usually scones or cookies (at least there are first thing in the morning, but I can’t guarantee how long they last), and if the dog hair bothers you, I’ll put Attie and Wallace out in the back yard.

See you soon. 


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Best. Sleep. Ever.

This is how Geoff described what he had last night.  He and Courtney fell asleep about 6pm, and made it all the way to 8am this morning.  His eyes weren’t nearly as bloodshot as yesterday, and they’ve packed up and gone to Calgary.  It should be noted that my honeymoon with the new laundry equipment is still in full swing, and I graciously did seven loads for Geoff yesterday.  I had to ask him why he’s got no fewer than 35 pairs of white athletic socks (all of which were in need of laundering), and he replied that he hates to do laundry on the ship, and it’s more time-efficient to go to Walmart in Miami and buy new socks than it is to waste his day off in the bowels of the ship waiting for the washer and dryer.  I can’t argue with his logic; even going to Walmart in Miami is better than not going outside at all.  And, the socks did make a whole load of whites, so we doused them with bleach to boot.

My last post indicated that I had ordered a mini-scone pan, but I got a message on the phone yesterday from the kitchen store that they would be happy to order one for me, but did I know that Safeway (the grocery store) in the same mall actually had the pans in stock, and for about $10.00 less than what Peppers would be charging?  No, I didn’t know.  I ran out today and bought one, and stopped in the kitchen store to cancel my order and thank them for their honesty.  Then I ran home and made scones.  This is an amazing piece of bakewear. 


These are such cute little scones that I can’t believe that there are any calories in them at all.  Also, they actually call out to be eaten in multiples.


I have been doing a wee bit of knitting.  I only have to knit on a collar and attach sleeves and buttons.  I look forward to wearing this, and the weather is actually cooperating by warming up a wee bit.


And, just because the picture turned out pretty well, here is a sleeve.


Ithink the colour will look better when it’s not on such a bright background. 

My new perfect world would include a pingpong table in my basement for the express purpose of blocking knitting.  I’m not so old, really, but my knees and my back protest mightily when I have to crouch on the floor for any length of time to thread blocking wires and pin something out.  I am such a wimp.  I think I’ll go and take a Tylenol.  Then we’re going out for supper.  Mike wants ribs and I don’t, so we’ll have to go somewhere that gives me an option (like chicken, or something else that doesn’t require as much labour as ribs).  I don’t really care, as long as I don’t have to do the dishes.  (and there aren’t a bunch of waiters singing “Happy Birthday”, and taxidermied ostriches and moose heads on the walls.)

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I was told today by someone important to me that I should blog more often.  I am conflicted:  I subscribe to the B.W.O. philosophy (check out the link in my sidebar), yet if my son requests more posts, maybe I should ramble on even when I’ve got nothing to say.  (It probably makes him feel like he’s in the same room as I am.)  (Not that I ramble on in person.)  (Well, maybe a little.)  There.  I seem to be well on my way to another one-way conversation with someone who may or may not be listening.  Geoffrey, this is for you.

We’ve just come from a wedding.  Geoff’s best high school buddy just got hitched, and Geoff was one of the groomsmen.  I was remiss in not taking any pictures, although Mike snapped this one:


That’s Geoff on the right, Courtney on the left, and Andrew and yours truly in the middle.  If Geoff and Courtney look wiped, it’s because they have had 3 hours of sleep in the past 54 hours.  They played a round of Flight Cancellation coupled with a hand of Drive Through the Night to Get to the Wedding with an Hour to Spare, and are now relaxing with Guitar Hero.  (Personally at this point I would have opted for Sleep, but that’s my age showing.)  They’re going back to Calgary tomorrow for a while, and then back here for a while, and hopefully they’re going back to work at some point.  I am trying to organize the two of them to join me and my sister for lunch next week in Calgary when I’m there.  They are taking a big bag of stash back to Calgary for Jean and Ruth, and I think this will just about clean out the stuff that I honestly will not use.  (Ruth is Jean’s friend who knits hats for the homeless, and is a Stash-buster Extraordinaire.)  The upside of parting with wool leftovers is that now I have more room.  No more money, but room.  I think I will try to resist any more laceweight for a while, as the peacock feather shawl from last fall seems to have fallen off the radar, and there are at least three other laceweight or near-laceweight projects in the lineup.

I ordered a neat thing yesterday from Pepper’s, my local kitchen store.  This is where I go to feed my delusion that I can do marvellous, Martha-worthy things in the kitchen.  Psychoses aside, this is what I ordered.  I love scones, but seem to be having actual baking issues lately.  (not cooked in the middle, spread out too much, too sticky, and so on.  Can’t possibly be my fault; I’m sure it’s nothing that a new piece of kitchen gear won’t fix.)  I have to wait for 6-8 weeks, as it’s a special order item from the states, and they won’t ship direct to Canada.  The distributor has to wait until there’s a big enough order, etcetera.  Oh well.  Three days ago I didn’t know there was such a thing as a scone pan.  (I wonder what has been jettisoned from my memory to make room for that piece of information?  Hopefully it wasn’t knitting-related.)  I wait in anticipation of delicious scones.

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