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I Can’t Wait

Being Canadian, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to American pomp and circumstance, but you can bet that I have my pvr set to record the inauguration ceremony so I can see it when I get home. I can’t wait to see this part.

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So, it’s the end of the second quarter of the year for our family business, which means that I have a couple of hours of computer bookkeeping to do.  It’s easy, doesn’t take long, and I’ve been doing this for years.  We are leaving for vacation on Saturday, and I have lots of little errands and chores that need attending to, so here’s how I deal with doing the books.

One of Two

One of Two

I have cast on for Two of Two, and may even have it done by No.  I won’t say it.  I shall knit when I can, and it will be done when it is done.

I did something different with this sock.  Instead of blindly following a pattern, I dug out the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules, and followed her instructions to knit a sock that fits.  I measured my leg and foot, I swatched (!!!!) and switched needles (who knew swatching could help decide which needles to use?) and I boldly went where I had never gone before.  And the result?  A Sock that Fits.  A pattern that explains why we do certain things whilst knitting a sock.  Instructions that will allow me to knit socks without clutching a pattern wherever I go.  It’s like a big light bulb went on over my head.  I knew that sock patterns worked, but now I know why.   Thanks, Stephanie.

***Now this is probably old news for many sock knitters, but it did come as an epiphany to me.  Please indulge me.  At my age, it takes something major to break through my prejudices and preconceived notions.  I am, after all, my Father’s Daughter.

Knitty gritty:  Austermann Step mit Aloe Vera und Jojoba Ol, colour number 07 (not very descriptive).   The label claims that the jojoba and aloe should last through 40 washings.  We’ll see.  Nice to knit with, especially after the   Noro socks.  As an aside, the Austermann website is kind of fun, even if you only have a little German.

The second sock is calling, and I don’t want to discourage it.  So, what with the sock, buying a new broom with which to sweep off yet more snow from the deck, and possibly doing a wee bit of bookwork, it should be a frantic day.  Okay, maybe not frantic, but I have more than one thing to do.   Now that I’m fifty, that qualifies as pretty busy.

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Here’s a fun thing to do if your dog is pestering you.  Follow this link:  (turn on your speakers)

If your dog is anything like mine, he will hightail it to his kennel and sit there with a very worried look on his face.  Just a little reminder about his place on the food chain.

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Well, here it is, 2009 already.  We here at Under Sask Skies (or “Chez Gay”, as we are also known) have made it through another Christmas and New Years.  Not that we had any concerns that we wouldn’t make it through, mind you, but sometimes it seems like everyone considers it a bit of an ordeal.  I decided to forgo most of the baking this year, but still managed to snarf down the odd frozen treat.  At least having to go all the way down to the basement deep freeze uses up more calories than just walking over to the fridge, and I like to think that surreptitiously sneaking is even more of a workout than just announcing “I’m going to eat frozen Christmas baking and no-one can stop me”.  (Truth be told, keeping it a secret also enables me to eat all of it without sharing.  And I wonder why the idea of wearing a bathing suit makes me break out in a cold sweat.)

Overeating aside, we enjoyed (and are still enjoying) a stretch of cold weather the likes of which I cannot remember.  It’s been almost a month with very little break.  We awoke today to minus 39 degrees, and if you’re not on the metric system, forty below is the same as minus forty.  Yeah, it’s cold.   Mike’s car won’t start, Andy took my jeep, and Andy’s car has no traction.  I haven’t left the house for three days.  We are, however, leaving the house in two weeks,  as we have succumbed to the lure of free accommodation in Mexico and are going to visit the inlaws for two weeks.  That should cause the weather here to warm up.

There has been a modicum of knitting here.

Alice's Twisted Moss Scarf

Alice's Twisted Moss Scarf

This scarf was my answer to a self-imposed challenge.   I helped a friend with a sweater a few months ago, and had a terrible time with the stitch.  It is a super simple moss-type stitch, and the yarn was a marled black and white.  I fussed and fumed and finished one front of the sweater for Alice, but never did get to the stage where I could recognize the stitch orientation.  It is a lovely, squooshy fabric (when done properly) and I was frustrated that I couldn’t keep track of four rows of pattern (two of which are straight knitting).  After being pissed off at my own apparent incompetence for several weeks, I decided to try the pattern with a plain yarn, the better with which to see my work.  Well.  That was a smart move.   Once I could see where I had been, it was way easier to see where I was going.  I got so excited that it was working that I didn’t realize that this is a Rolling Edge Fabric.  By the time I realized that I had made No Allowance for Rolling I was a good two feet into the scarf, and thought politely to myself To Hell With It.  The scarf will be wrapped around someone’s neck, and it doesn’t matter one bit if it rolls.  More importantly, it was a stash buster from birthday wool from 2007.

And now for a little quiz:


I am knitting this.  What is strange about that?  Go ahead, take a minute.

If you said “Hey!  Judy’s knitting a sock!  What’s up with that?” you get a cookie.  If you said “Hey!  Judy’s knitting a sock on 2 circular needles!  What’s up with that?”  you get two cookies.  If you said “Hey!  Judy’s knitting a sock with no regard for gauge and if she ever finishes it, it will probably fit a Yeti! What’s up with that?” you get no cookies, because on the rare occasion when I have knit socks, I understand that the  only way they will ever be finished is with divine intervention, and if the Department of Divine Intervention chooses to make the socks a weird size, then who am I to argue?  I am using Kureyon sock yarn.  I love the colour changes, although I hope the Yeti has itch-resistant feet (or that the socks will soften with laundering).  I still suck at casting on for socks, but I console myself that if anyone wears them with pants short enough to show the caston at the top, the socks are going to be the lesser problem in the style department.  The pattern is here, and with the expected Divine Intervention I may have a sock done by summer.

On another tangent, my little camera, with which I had an understanding, has poked me in the eye.  Specifically, the little orange plastic doohickey that holds the battery in has broken.  The nice man at the camera shop (who may or may not be working on commission) told me that they have to send it away, it will be six to eight weeks, and cost between a hundred and two hundred dollars to fix.  Now, I’m sure that a little piece of duct tape could do the trick, but that’s kind of messy and fussy, so I am now the owner of a new camera.  It’s teasing me with the green light and the beeping noise it makes when it is “focussed”, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of clarifying for the camera what “focus” actually means.  It’s waterproof to ten feet, so it will be accompanying me snorkeling in Mexico.  It’s a little smaller than the last one, so probably easier to lose track of.   I will never be a photographer (certainly not in the same league  (or sport, even) as Ruth), but it’s great fun, and because it’s digital, pretty inexpensive.  (I hated having to pay for developing and printing crappy shots.  Which was about 98% of my pictures.)  Cheaper than knitting, but not as fulfilling.   I may wander, but I always come home.

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