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I finished this a month or so ago, but forgot to post about it.  It’s a freebie Patons pattern (Elegant Wrap is the official moniker.)


It’s done in Lily Chin Broadway with a strand of Paton’s Brilliant.

Really dresses up the old blue jeans, doesn't it?

Really dresses up the old blue jeans, doesn't it? Also, the toilet is clean. Unnecessary in this picture, but clean.

Quick and easy?  You bet.  For once, an easy lace pattern that I don’t need absolute silence to figure out.  It took about five days from start to the end of the blocking, and I think it’s pretty.  I love the colour variegation in the Broadway, and the Brilliant adds a wee sparkle.


That’s one recurring theme of my life- all dressed up with nowhere to go but Costco or the vet’s.

I had a quick trip to Calgary this weekend to drop Christmas gifts with Geoff and Courtney since they’re not travelling this year.  I was sort of hoping to bring gifts back (them to us) but sadly that did not happen.  I’ll be watching the mail hopefully until Christmas.  I do not deal well with disappointment at this time of year.  It stems from the year I snooped and knew everything that was under the tree and I have never had a more disappointing Christmas.  So Courtney or Geoff, if you’re reading this, I will quote from the Fifth Element and say “If there’s one thing I do not like, it’s to be disappointed” and then Gary Oldman blows a bunch of people up.  Merry Christmas, and send me a gift.

On a happier and better-adjusted note, I took a video today of Wallace doing a cute thing, but I can’t figure out how to get it into my blog.  The file type is not compatible with WordPress, but trust me, it’s a cute video.   Really.


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