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For your enlightenment…

After hearing about Ruth’s problems finding wool in Ireland (see yesterday’s post), and reading Kim‘s comment (also see yesterday’s comments), I googled Knitting in Ireland.  I came up with a fairly good list, but the one item that caught my eye is this:


Those people at the Victoria and Albert in England have put together a very interesting website, and if you have any curiosity about the history of knitting, or how it has evolved regionally in Great Britain, you should check this out.  Loads of information!  It’s like they’ve done their homework or something.

Andy did gift me a pair of embroidery scissors today; I had to accompany him into Prairie Lily but he made the purchase all by himself and no-one made him hold knitting needles or squeeze merino or anything.  Just to get even, I made him carry my purse into the gas station later.  Red leather; he looked quite fetching.


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 What with Mike giving me my birthday present 3 days early (new chair, pair of nice pants I’ve been coveting for ages), and Andy taking me shopping tomorrow, I figure I can milk this birthday thing for close to a week.

Mum dropped off some Purdy’s Hedgehogs (Vancouver chocolates; awesomely delicious.  My mother has loved them ever since she first tasted them as a girl growing up in Vancouver.  They are truly To Die For.  But I digress.) and a gift certificate for my LYS.  I don’t know if I can wait until Wednesday morning, so I think tomorrow I’ll peruse my patterns and see what jumps out at me.  My BFF Linda dropped off a pendant I’d seen when we went to a craft fair last month; she’d gone back the next day and picked it up.  I’ll either put it on a black leather cord or a silver chain. 


It’s red coral with peridots.  I am hoping that it’s not natural red coral, as Wikipedia (what would I do without Wiki?) states that natural red coral is endangered.  The photo doesn’t do it justice; where is Ruth when I need her?

My other friend Ruth in Calgary, the one who is knitting hats for the homeless with my leftover stash, has just come back from 3 weeks in Ireland.  She had a wonderful time, but was surprised to find that in a country known for their sweaters it was almost impossible to find wool for sale.  She said by the time it was going-home time, she almost felt like buying a sweater so she could unravel it and knit a hat.  (Yes, she’s a specialist.)  Have you ever been to Ireland?  Was she just looking in all the wrong places? Maybe Bruce was planning the itinerary; I don’t know.

I finished the 6 inches of ribbing on the Moda Dea Vision sweater; as I suspected, 6 inches was the right answer, and the corollary definitely is negative 10 pounds.  I may never post a picture.  Just never mind.

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I guess a week and a half of self-pity is enough.  I’m using the “upstairs computer”, dreaded because of Windows Vista compatiblity issues, but I’m trying really hard to be brave.  I downloaded a cool program that lets me put the music on my iPod back into iTunes (take that, Apple!), Dell is sending me the disks I need to restart (I probably have them but God only know where they are) the system, the accountant has the latest files on a flash drive, and it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m not going to do any housework.  All in all, life is good.

I have been in the middle of a skirmish between my chiropracter and my glider rocker, in which I sit to knit, and on Thursday the chiropracter won.  I got this


and am I ever glad I did.  I can flap my arms all I want while I knit, and my shoulders aren’t hunched up around my ears.  Mike was a little startled at the upholstery, but I think it’s fun and it matches the black leather couch.  I think Mike is worried that he’ll come home one day and his La-z-boy will have been replaced.  This is a very justifiable fear; the only thing stopping me is that I dig at least a couple of bucks worth of coins out of his chair every week.  I can’t afford to give up the income.  

I’ve done a little knitting.


It doesn’t look very exciting (and trust me, it isn’t.) but it will magically morph into this:


 The wool is from Custom Woolen Mills and very nice to knit with.  Not quite as rough as Briggs and Little although not as much colour choice.  The back has no cable, so I’m actually looking forward to the front.  It looks awfully wide, but then all I have to do is look in the mirror and realize “Oh, yeah.  That’s what it has to go around.”  The pattern is from here, which I’ve had for 10 years.


Glenda at Prairie Lily got my yarn in so I’m halfway done 6 inches of ribbing on this:


This is the one that turned out too short, so I cut off the ribbing, picked up the bars between the stitches, and away I go!  While it’s a bit of a nuisance, it was worth it to see the looks on peoples’ faces when I took the scissors to the original ribbing.  I may have to lose a pound or two before this gets worn in public, but I love the colours regardless.

I made another one of these:


This may be my favourite go-to project.  While others knit socks, I do multi-directional scarves.  It’s an easy way to fill up the tickle trunk.

I have to go now and pester Mike about baking me a birthday cake.

Have a good weekend!

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