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Spring Cleaning

Whoa!  What’s this in the corner, underneath all that stuff?  Wait, let me move some of this out of the way, and…no, wait, well I’ll be.  It’s a sad, forlorn, forgotten-looking sorry kind of a thing.  I think it’s, yes!  It’s my blog!

Poor Under Sask Skies.  I’ve managed somehow to push it out of my consciousness, and yet it was there the whole time.  I apologize to my blog, and my two readers who may still be out there.  This kind of incommunicado-ism can be forgiven if the end result was that I have written the Great Novel, or trekked around the world, or spent the last several months designing wondrous knitted and woven items, but I really have been doing none of the above.

One of the things that has grabbed my focus has been my newest knitting book:

Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!

This may just be my favourite book of all time.  I certainly have tried more patterns from it than from any other book I have owned.  The fact that I have ahem, quite a lot of sock yarn in the stash has been helpful.   Since I seem to have forgotten how to use a camera, I don’t have pictures of everything I’ve done, but here’s one example:

You may notice that these socks are quite small. Each pair takes around 20 grams of yarn, which I generally have left over after a pair of adult socks. I have also done a couple of sweaters (very small) from the book, as well as a little hood and a little toque.  I even did a big person’s scarf, which I may try to remember to get a photo of before it is gifted.   This is a great book.  We loves it.

Not to be constrained by my library, I took advantage of a great pattern on Ravelry, and came up with these:

I love these booties because they also take 20 grams of sock yarn, and the best thing of all, there are no seams to sew afterwards.  Rumour has it that they stay on small feet, but we’ll have to wait until March to test that theory.

Since not everything needs to be knit from sock yarn, may I present this:

This is a Sirdar pattern, details of which can be found on my Ravelry page.  I hope that when it fits the intended recipient, it will not be in the heat of the summer.  Ah well, it should fit someone sometime.

Further to the whole intended-recipient-thing, I spoke with my son and daughter-in-law on the weekend, and was told that I can now focus my wool-buying on pink, and my knitting on little girly things.  So much for selfish knitting.

I am currently basking under Arizona skies, being midway through my solo week before Mike joins me.  Just so he doesn’t think I’m only down here having barrels of fun, I washed windows and screens this morning.  The party never stops.   I am halfway through season 3 of Criminal Minds (my current “crack cocaine” television watching), and working on some other knitting, so life is good.  Warm weather, the prospect of some good company (and perhaps romance?  Mike, are you listening?), cheap wine and tequila, wool and needles. What could be better?  I love my life.


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