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Well.   There’s another month gone.  It took a lot longer than I thought, but I am officially tired of strange men in my house.  (and boy, have there been some strange ones.)  This is not to say that there are no more strange men hanging around looking all scruffy and such, just that I am tired of them.  The novelty has worn off.  I want the dumpster off my driveway, I want the carpet underlay off my new hardwood floor, and I want the painters’ drop cloths off my stairs.  I want Wallace to have a day when he doesn’t get all het up by the comings and goings…

We can almost imagine the day when we can move back into our bedroom.   A little tiling, a little painting, a little cleanup, and we should be good to go sometime this weekend.  The very thought makes me giddy.  And there is action today…

Look!  A real live tile guy!  In my bathroom!

Look! A real live tile guy! In my bathroom!

In the midst of all this fun and frivolity, I have actually been knitting.  Some people knit as a way to calm themselves but if my surroundings are chaotic, my brain gets fuzzy, and I am not able to sit down and concentrate on anything complicated.  So I present:



Washcloths.   I used Bernat Cot’n Corn, which was nice to handle.   There was enough left over from each of the three balls to do this one:


Hey look!   Judy can knit with more than one colour at a time!  Who knew?

And the last one, which is a prototype and will be tweaked for a Christmas gift for a math-wizard friend with whom I reconnected in Ottawa in May.   I humbly present (drumroll please) the Farnsworth Fibonacci Facecloth.

FFF prototype

This is knit with 1.1 balls of Mission Falls 1824 cotton.  It’s probably a little too thick (aran weight) for the purpose, although the slightly kinky texture is not unpleasant to knit with.

Whilst amusing myself in Vernon a couple of weeks ago while Mike spent time on the links, I found myself in the General Store in the village of Falkland, which is about half an hour north of Vernon in through some of the prettiest mountain country I have ever seen.  Of course I have no pictures, as I was driving, and accompanied by my MIL, who really didn’t get the whole “drive to Falkland” thing, and stopping to take a picture for the blog would have just made her head explode.  Well, maybe not as much as the fact that I was willing to drive there because the wife of the store owner decided that what was needed was a selection of yarn and needlecraft stuff.   I bought some hemp:


Maybe a string bag?  Not sure, but it’s stiff as a board, and I foresee that casting on will be a bugger.

I found a skein of Handpainted Wild Silk,  Ocean colourway. It just refused to stay in skein form, so I wound it using what I could find,

mother of invention2

and before we left for the trip home, it was halfway to becoming:

Falkland Scarf 1

A nice little scarf- going into the Tickle Trunk for someone who will appreciate it.  I haven’t washed or blocked it- any opinions out there as to whether I should?  It’s quite nice and squooshy the way it is, but I suspect that if it was washed and blocked it might open up and show off the feather-and-fan pattern even better.

Oh, and I finally put the buttons on this:


If you were listening carefully last weekend, you may have heard a lot of noise from the frog pond.  Thisostrich

morphed into this:


It was just too tight, and blocking was not going to save it.  I still want to knit the shawl, but will try again using needles at least one or two sizes bigger.  That goes into the “someday” pile with no regrets; part of my new “make a decision” madate.

We took a quick trip to Prince Albert last weekend to deliver a television to my nephew and to take Auntie Peggy out for lunch.  We always fit in some errands with her after lunch (what with her being ninety five and not doing a whole lot of driving any more), and ended up at one of the dollar stores.  Now, I suspect that there are beads, and then there are beads, but I bought 4 vials of #6 beads for $12.00.  I’ve wanted to try knitting with beads for a while, and now I can.  I strung them on this ball of Arequipa, (sorry about the fuzziness- maybe if you put on your glasses?)


all 752 (give or take) of them.  That’s just one vial.   Now all I have to do is decide what to knit.  Not socks (even though it is technically sock yarn),  maybe a little bag or a scarf.  Maybe this?

My Christmas knitting plans are gelling, but remain secret (except for the washcloth- I think I’m safe to present it here.).   As long as I can remember to take pictures to display after the fact, I’ll share later.

One last thing.  I may have entered a piece of knitting in the exhibition, and I may have been pleasantly surprised with the result.



I’m tickled pink.


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When the going gets tough, the wimpy take vacations.   We had planned a road trip for mid-August, thinking that the renovation would be done.  Well, there’s still a wee bit to do, but we’re going anyways.   Since Andy is coming along for the ride, and we didn’t think it was fair to bring in the dogsitter when the house is a construction zone, the pooches are coming along with us.   My father-in-law likes to say that no-one ever thanks you for bringing your dog, so we don’t expect loud expressions of enthusiasm when we get there, but that’s just the way it is.  Attie and Wallace were at the salon yesterday, and I trimmed their nails last night, and I will brush their teeth so they have fresh minty breath.   I did draw the line at little rubber toenail caps, but I may reconsider once we’re out in the Okanagan.  At least there can be no complaints about their hygeine, although noise might be an issue.   They both look quite respectable; if my camera battery wasn’t dead and the charger who-knows-where, I would show you a picture.

I have been knitting washcloths.  I envision a little silver tray at the end of my bathtub with fluffy cotton facecloths folded neatly on it.  There is a candelabra (since the electrician nixed the chandelier), music, and bubbles.   The drywaller guy is standing there ready to refill my glass of wine…Oops, there goes reality intruding in my imaginary world again.   Anyways, the facecloths are quick and I get to try out different stitches.  Sort of like a swatch, but functional.  (and more fun, since in this case the swatch is the desired end result in and of itself.)   They’ll be good road knitting for the next few weeks.

I have been reading the Harlot’s blog as the Sock Summit gets underway- it sounds like it will be a great time, and that sigh of relief you hear is my Visa realizing that we are not going to be at the Summit or the Marketplace.  Rats.  I know at least a couple of my readers are going, so I expect to see some posting apres-Summit so the rest of us mortals can enjoy some vicarious fun.

We are taking off after Mike and Andy are done work, so I must away and pack.  After loading a dog kennel and 4- count ’em, 4- sets of golf clubs in the car***, I don’t know where the personal luggage will go.  I may just wear the same thing for the next few weeks and pretend I am camping.  I won’t make any new friends, but I will be able to pack light.

***There are three humans on this trip, and one of them (me) doesn’t golf, so 4 sets would seem excessive.  We are actually dropping off 2 sets with Geoff and Courtney in Calgary.  Remind me sometime to tell you about the last time Mike tried to guilt me into golfing.

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