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Fibers Through Time wrapped up today.  I don’t know how much of  the course content will stay in my main bag of tricks, but it was a fun weekend (except for the insomnia) (more on that in a minute) and I got to know some really interesting people.  There was one other Canadian woman taking  a class, and one Canadian instructor.  I always chuckle when people in Arizona say I have an accent, because I can never hear anyone else  down here in Arizona speaking with an accent.  Great.  I talk funny and apparently I am going deaf.

Insomnia, you ask?  Yes.  The hotel bed was more than a little uncomfortable, and the pillows were feather, which made my eyes scratchy.   Once I did get to sleep, I dreamed that the knitting police kept bursting into our classroom and telling me that I was doing it wrong and I should just give up trying to pretend that I am creative.  Then I found myself driving around in some gated community but I couldn’t find the gate to get out.  I suspect that I was a little stressed about having to step outside my comfort zone of knitting in the “Paint by Number” genre.

I got back to my house today  to find that the lovely stick that I mentioned in my last post, and which I had left on the patio to finish drying, had been tossed out by Lorenzo my yard guy.  I guess he didn’t share my vision.

I may have bought another little bit of  Navajo spun and dyed yarn.  I will try to remember to snap a picture to post.

Now, I think I’ll head to bed and see if I can evade the knitting police long enough to find the exit from the gated community.


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Killing Time

So, I am sitting here in a slightly depressing hotel room (you know the kind; some of the lights are burnt out, the window doesn’t shut tight, the pictures are screwed to the walls and there was a police cruiser parked in front when I pulled in to register.) having some me-time.  I am at the Arizona Fibers Through Time conference, and having checked in and registered, I have an hour and a half until the first official function.  Now, a wiser woman than me would have a whole bunch of options aka wip’s in her bag of tricks, especially since I am here to take a weekend class of free-form knitting, but I finished knitting a small thing last night, and didn’t have the foresight to start anything else.  Actually, the thing that was top of my mind was going for a walk this morning to find a stick.

I found my stick, took it home and scrubbed it clean, and left it on the patio to dry for the weekend.  Then it will get a light sanding, a good waxing with Clapham’s Beeswax, and be used to hang the piece I finished knitting last night.   So, short story long, my brain was uncharactistically mono-directional, and  here I sit with nothing to do except crack that bottle of  Campo Viejo Rioja Crianza 2008 (I think I’ve run out of label details) and pen excuses for not knitting.

I originally registered to take Saori weaving, but the instructor had to cancel, so I am contenting myself with freestyle knitting and crochet.   I must confess to being terribly disappointed  about the weaving, so I ordered a book (and they are few and far between on this subject).  I think I may have to take myself to Saltspring Island at some point, because this book spoke to me like nothing else has for a long time.  A really long time.  I will do a post from my real computer with links and everything once I get home, but if you google  “Saori weaving Saltspring island” you will get the general idea.

I should mention here that  there are no links or pictures in this post because I can’t figure out how to do that sort of thing on my iPad.  I know I have done it before, but knowledge is fleeting, memory is fickle, and blah blah blah.

So, I will finish my wine, and head down to the reception.  I hope to have a mind-opening weekend,  which will inspire me to more creativity.  It’s in there somewhere.

Have a good weekend!




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Wine and Babies

One of the great things about visiting the USA periodically is that in a perverse way, it slows down my alcohol consumption at home.  Not that I drink to excess (that is a sport for younger people than me), but once I discovered how heavily we are taxed for alcohol here in Saskatchewan, it took the fun out of trying too many new wines.  Example:  a bottle of red wine (and here’s where my lack of crediblilty as an oenophile shows), (and I can’t remember the name, but I know I like it,) costs upwards of 18 or 20 dollars here under Sask skies.   I found it down in Arizona for 10.  If that doesn’t slow down your consumption, I don’t know what will.  (Well, at least it slows it down up here.  Down south, maybe not so much.)  As well, there is a lot of wine from all over the world that the Saskatchewan liquor board does not list, so we never see it up here.  Fun things like this:


and for a closeup on the label:


Now, before the inevitable snarky comment from an older sister about how fitting it is that I might drink this wine, I would like to point out that she left home way before the worst of my drama, and I have been (mostly) over it for years.

Moving on, I would like to say that being a grandmother hasn’t changed my day-to-day life much.  It would be a different story if we lived in the same city, I’m sure.  Anyway, Geoff continues to send us pictures, and I send them care packages.  The last one had 4 flannelette baby blankets that I crafted, mitred corners and all, a couple of dishclothsImage

and some booties that I whipped up on the weekend:Image

These are Christine’s Stay-on Baby Booties, with one small change.  Instead of a round of eyelets for a tie above the feet, I thought I would try just ribbing to the top of the leg.  Mackenzie’s feet never seem to stay still long enough to tie ties, so I thought they could try this and let me know how the booties stay on.  I also used dpn”s for the top of the foot, and it was easier for the short row shaping. (Just like they say in the pattern.  Who knew?)  I did switch back to circs for the legs.  That seems to be my comfort spot.

Since no self-respecting new grandmother would sign off without at least one picture of the new addition, may I present, in her Easter Finery, Mackenzie!



Hopefully spring is rearing its head where you are, so I wish you blue skies, and warmer temperatures, and if you are in Calgary, I also wish you minimal snow.  Just remember, you live there on purpose.




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