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…and they’re back!

Honestly, when we left for Buckeye, I thought “Great!  I’ll be able to post every day!  I’ll have nothing but time on my hands!”  blah blah blah.   I can’t say that I was busy the whole time, and I was checking other people’s blogs and Ravelry, but writing myself was just not at the top of the list.  Well, we went, some of us relaxed (that would be Mike) and some of us rediscovered our love of all things wallpaper removal and painting walls (that would be me).  Our house came fully loaded- furniture, pictures, floral arrangements (gag-alicious), books…  My husband is a reader, so he did just that.  I think he read 14 books in two weeks.  I indulged in what we call “beach reading”- six Mary Higgins Clark books.  I find her  entertaining but not too demanding.  I also read The Lovely Bones- I didn’t enjoy it persay, but I am glad I read it and found it well written.  I haven’t and probably won’t see the movie, because I just don’t see how they can do the book justice without running amok with the story.  Correct me if I’m wrong if you have read the book and seen the movie.

After a week or so, I was taking a little tour through the showhome next door and realised “hey! They have books here too!” and presto!  Instant library!  (Truth be told, I stole a couple that I will not return.)  I ‘fessed up to the salesman, and he said as long as I leave the furniture, go ahead and take the books.   It was kind of funny- the more expensive the showhome, the more highbrow the books.  F’rinstance, at our end of the block, we have all kinds of novels- some cheap and trashy, some a little more sophisticated.  At the other end of the block, the books were more towards textbooks and literary classics with a little poetry thrown in.  Turns out I’m a trashy novel kind of gal.  Read ’em and forget ’em.

While Mike was doing his reading and relaxing, I did a little redecorating.  For your consideration:









So, with some pictures/art on the walls, a little bedding (the first picture) and reworking some lamps, I think we’re ready for company.

One great thing about the house is the view.  As I have said before, I am not a photographer, but this should give you the general idea:

Just ignore the power lines- we do.

Coming from the prairies, seeing any natural geography from my window is a bonus.  We took a little drive up to Sedona, where I was open to experiencing the positive energy vortices that some claim are there (it was a nice walk, but no mind-altering experience).

This looks like it’s been carefully landscaped, but it’s natural.

and just in case you thought that maybe we weren’t actually there,

we were.

I did drag Mike on a yarn reconnaissance trip with mixed results.  In order:  Closed for the day, not where the website said it was, open (Fibre Factory in Mesa- great store!), out of business, and open (another great store and only half an hour drive).  Next trip I’m off to Tempe and Tucson (without Mike; someone has to stay home and work) to check out some more fibre-ish retail.  Methinks a 32″ rigid heddle loom is in my immediate future.

While away, I did exactly no knitting until the second last day, when I thought I should whip up a coffee cosy for my French press.  Now I’ve got button holes to figure out, so no pix until it’s done.  It was relaxing just knowing that I could have knit (if the spirit had moved me).  Now I’m having a staredown with some Misti Alpaca Pima-Silk that wants to be knit or woven into something, but it won’t tell me what.  So, for the rest of the weekend I’ll browse the net, read some books and magazines and wait for the muse to descend.  (and in case you didn’t guess, that’s code for watch the Olympics and sit on my butt.  Creativity comes in many disguises.)


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and they’re off!

We take off tomorrow morning well before breakfast (but it’s worth it to make Andrew get up to drive us to the airport,  she said with a wicked smile), and this time tomorrow we’ll be a little warmer than we are now.  There’s a 31 degree spread (celsius) (that’s about three hundred fahrenheit) between here and Buckeye, so I am packing shorts, flipflops and sunscreen.  (and painting clothes.  Yay.)  Andy’s notes are done, and notes for the housesitter who comes when Andy goes snowboarding are done, an alternate pickup location for a housekey should Andy forget to leave one for the housesitter is arranged, the dogs have had their oral hygiene looked after and cursory pedicures.

I don’t know what I’ll take for knitting- I have started a reversible scarf (sorry, no pictures) and have the gear for a cute little leaf scarf (also no pictures), so I’ll just have to play it by ear.  I figure after a week of slothing Mike will be amenable to a drive, so we’ll check out a couple of fibre purveyors and see what’s what.

I finished up a couple of weaving projects, and tried out my nifty new gadget:

Triple Roach Clip?

I can twist fringe until the cows come home now.  It does do a nice job, but I need to work on getting the knots in the same place, as well as doing the same number of turns on both ends of the scarf.

Alternate use for Tofutsies

Still having fun; still amassing scarves at an alarming rate.  I did get a commission (my first, and hopefully not my last) for a scarf destined for Vancouver that I will do when I get home.

I would love to have a loom down south; might just have to buy one down there.   Somehow, sitting in the desert (or in my own little oasis) weaving just sounds like a good idea.   Socks in my sandals, a little Valdy on the iPod, glass of wine (or something with tequila), yup, great idea.

Wallace is howling because Mike is shovelling the driveway and Wallace is not outside attacking the shovel.  It is a pathetic sound, but then he is a pathetic little dog.  I will miss both of them while we’re gone- who will bark and leave hair all over the house?

We  have to leave in just over 8 hours, so I better go and put something in a suitcase.  I think I procrastinated enough that I don’t have time to hit the treadmill.  My fiendish plan is working.

We get our internet hooked up on Saturday morning, so perhaps a progress report is forthcoming.  After all, I can only talk to Mike for so long before his eyes glaze over.    Maybe I should talk to him about sports.  Maybe I’ll flap my arms and fly to the moon.

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