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gone again

Can’t talk.   Packing for Phoenix.  Back in a week. Will post then.





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Help Wanted

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Mike is off next weekend for an out-of-town soccer tournament, and I have a decision to make.  Do you remember last year, when Mike was away for a tournament?

blocking lyle's throw

I knit this one weekend whilst watching season two of The Tudors.  My sister tells me that it is her husband’s favourite “Wubbee” (remember Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom?  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  It’s cute and touching.  And it has a Wubbee.)  I am fortunate in that my chiropractor is a good sport, and hardly rolls her eyes any more when I tell her it’s a knitting injury.

Well, as I mentioned, Mike’s going away, and I am almost ready.  Here we go again.


New wubbee

I’ll be using bigger needles (9’s or 10’s instead of last year’s 8’s).  It is theoretically going to be a Christmas gift, so I hope the 2 different dye lots won’t bug the recipient like I know it’s going to bug me knitting it, but when Michaels has a sale you pretty much just take your chances.  I suppose that if I planned far enough ahead I could order direct from Lion Brand and get everything in the same dye lot, but planning ahead ain’t my forte.

The help I need is this:  Since I am currently watching the (somewhat edited) third season of the Tudors, I need something else to watch on TV while I work on this year’s wubbee.   I thought I could dust off Ghormengast (which also has Jonathan Rhys Meyers; this alone is enough to reel me in) and then Random Passage (which has Colm Meaney, and great scenery which is also enticement), but if anyone has any suggestions for any other mini-series on DVD that would make suitable accompaniment, I’d love to hear your ideas.  I am not above broadening my horizons here Under Sask Skies.

Meantimes, I am polishing up the needles and re-reading the pattern.  I await your recommendations.

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Well, the water finally got cold and my fingers and toes got wrinkly, so I’m out of the tub.  I have laid to rest Mike’s skepticism about whether I would use the tub, and in the words of the immortal Harry Chapin “I never been so clean”.  Actually, I have been out long enough to feed the new obsession, and am nurturing my weaving mojo (to the detriment of a clean house).

A sampling of the last few weeks:


Adriafil Fruttamix and Mirasol Tupa- nice bright colours!



Regia Hand-dye effect sock yarn- warp and weft. Really soft!


Noro sock yarn- a little crunchy, but might soften with wearing and washing


More Regia Hand-dye effect, but I ran the warp ends back in for a tidier finish


Finished today- Misti Alpaca worsted. LONG- 88" (I was seeing how long I could go, and this is the max with worsted)

So, as you can see, I’ve been pretty busy.  My son complained today that I haven’t been blogging much, and suggested that perhaps I should start another renovation.  Maybe with my next husband, because the current one would be less than enthusiastic.

Once again, Andy got into the Hallowe’en spirit:


Amazingly, he wasn’t the only Gumby at the bar.  Or maybe he was seeing double (although he said that there wasn’t really a “beer opening”, and he didn’t want to drink much because he didn’t want to have to take Jordan with him to the bathroom for undressing and dressing.).   Son the elder just sat on his apartment balcony with his wife and watched the parade go by (and ate little chocolate bars).  It was ucky here- snowy, cold, wet; only 30 kids braved the elements.  So here Mike and I sit, eating little chocolate bars.

Here’s a little something to which I may have alluded, but haven’t written about in any depth:


It was raining- the photographers were prepared.


Crazy in love...

It’s almost six months ago and I feel like I’ve had a daughter forever.  In a good way.   In the best way.





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