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Kinda sad here at Under Sask Skies.  A week ago tonight I was the victim of a senseless (and I do mean totally senseless.  I’m talkin’ strange, nay, alien, neuron firings) crime.

Firstly, we’re all okay- physically, that is.  Mike got up Saturday morning and found that as usual, he had left his car unlocked on the driveway, and someone had emptied out his glove box and his console, and spread papers everywhere.  In spite of the fact that he had a $600.00 radar detector in the console, and almost $2000.00 worth of golf clubs in the back, and several dollars in parking meter change, nothing was taken.  Two points must be made here:  There would be no need for a radar detector if he would just drive close to the speed limit and enjoy the journey, and I know we should park the vehicles in the garage, but there’s no room and that’s a story for another day.

Back to the story: My car was also rifled (I guess I should lock my doors, but at least there was no damage to the car), and at first glance there was nothing missing.  Fast forward to Tuesday night.  Mike was out at a soccer game, and I realized that I had forgotten to bring in the dry cleaning I had picked up Friday afternoon.  As soon as I thought of it, I had a sinking feeling in my gut.  Sure enough, there was nothing hanging in the car.  The little hook was still down, as if to say “Yes, you did pick up the dry cleaning, and it was hanging here.”, but a frantic careful search of the house revealed nothing.  (I deluded myself initially that perhaps Mike had brought in the cleaning and hung it up.  Right, like that would ever happen.)  It was gone.

So, what did we lose that was so devastating?  Well, for starters, Mike had just bought a new sport coat to celebrate a substantial weight loss, and had worn it twice while we were on holidays.  More importantly, because it was mine, was the loss of my mother-of-the-groom dress that I wore to Geoff’s wedding.  I had just had it shortened, and it still fit, and I loved that dress.  And now, it’s gone.  (I told Mike that if Andy gets married I will have to get a new dress, but truth be told, I would have anyways.)

Oh, and because there are no pictures of Mike and me with Geoff and Courtney,

But I digress.

My neighbor’s truck was gone through, and all he lost was a pair of sunglasses.  That I get-they were Oakleys- but who the hell steals dry cleaning?

I should be glad that it was not a home invasion.  If I feel this shitty about a silly dress (even though I looked spectacular in it) I am sure that if we were broken into I would have to move.  All I can do (after filing an insurance claim with Visa for the sport coat) is assume that someone badly needed a cocktail dress and a little beaded jacket and a sport coat for a very important cocktail party.  It’s only stuff and life goes on.

But I’m still sad.


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