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No, not a new fragrance.  Unless it’s the sweet smell of completion:


A new record for me- eleven days for a pair of socks.  Not evenly split between the socks, though.  I had to stop on the second one to deal with things like this:


and to admire things like this:


Mike refers to Attie as a “Flat-backed retriever”.  Any guesses why?


But I digress.

I started these cute little socks a week ago Tuesday, and finished them yesterday morning.


A little wash, a little dry, not enough blocking to show the eyelet around the bottom of the cuff  (because really, will I block them out with pins every time I wear them?  I think not.) and a really comfy pair of socks!  I always fold down my socks anyways, so ankle socks may be the way of the future.   Foldover cuffs don’t really save any knitting time, but they are fun.  (providing I refresh my chart-reading and lace-knitting knowledge base.)    I used Phildar Preface (colour 085- it’s a little grayer than the photo shows).  I put in a handkerchief heel from the latest KnitPicks catalogue (available online)  (them what says, says that it’s good for a narrow heel.  Cinderella I ain’t, but I do have narrow heels)


This was not an easy picture to take, but you can sort of see how the heel comes to more of a point at the back of my foot than a regular heel.

All in all, a satifsying project.  I think I shall wear them to dinner tonight.



With other clothing, of course.

On to other matters:  Has anyone knit socks with Drops Fabel? I have embarked on a pair of socks with this yarn, but the gauge and the needle size specified don’t even seem to be in the same universe.  It is specified as 26 stitches to four inches on 2.5 mm needles.  Now, maybe milimeters are a different size in Germany than they are in North America, but when I swatched (yeah, I know) with 2.5 mm needles, I got more like 32 stitches to four inches.  I didn’t even bother checking the row count.  So, away I go on 3.5 mm needles, fudging the pattern as needed, and really, after the first two rows, I’m just doing my own thing.  (Oooh, look at Judy fearlessly knit socks.)  The fabric is nice and soft for 75% wool, and the colourway is called Texmex.  (It was that or Guacamole- can you tell  that I’m not really all the way back from down south?)  I cast on last night and I’m already into the gusset decreases after turning the heel.   Mike will think (rightly so) that I neglected any housework while he was gone.   I guess I’ll put the knitting up high and run the vacuum around.   Or maybe I’ll just finish the first sock and then vacuum…


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Finger update

Thanks for all your concern.  As usual, I was overreacting.   Nothing was hanging by the skin, there was no bone sticking out, the blood was dripping but not spurting.  I did make Andy get dressed in case he had to drive me for stitches (even though it was only 1 in the afternoon), but I decided that the cut was really not in a place where stitches would work.  I’d likely come out of it with a big white pressure dressing (which is just plain embarrassing) so I opted for the gauze-and-tape-do-it-yourself treatment.  There really was quite a bit of blood, but it had stopped by the next day.

This is the aftermath:


As I commented to I can’t remember who (TerriJoy?  Maybe I lost more blood than I thought.), yes, I could still knit, albeit with my pointer finger straight up in the air.  (Good thing it wasn’t my middle finger!)  It wasn’t fast or pretty, but it worked all right.   Except for the damned second sock. It’s not that I’ve lost interest; I just sort of forgot for a minute  how to knit lace.

Mike’s out of here for a few days  for business, so I may even have the sock done.  The lace cuff is finally finished, and now it’s just a plain ordinary sock.  Should be done by deadline!

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1. Knit the first sock. Admire it, model it, insist that everyone else in the room admire it.

2.  Cast on for second sock.  Join on circular needles.  With a twist.

3.  Cast on again.  Join, but without the twist.

4.  Since the first sock flew off the needles, set a target “would like to wear” date.

5.  Wonder why the pattern row isn’t working for this sock.  34 is not divisible by 7.  Realize that it says “knit 11” (eleven), not “knit 1”.  Duh.  34 is divisible by 17.  Who knew?

6.  Decide that Jack Bauer cannot save the world unless he has your undivided attention.  Put away the sock until the next day.

7.   Knit forward six rows.  Tink 7 rows.

8.  Take a break to do a little housework.  Spend half an hour gently extricating wool from the powerhead of the vacuum cleaner.

9.  Knit some more.  Tink some more.  Have discussion with self about the potential merits of ripping out the whole sock and starting over again.  Go to bed.

10.  New day!  Filled with promise!  *Knit several rows.  Tink several-plus-one rows.  Repeat from * to end of patience.

11.  Realize that you are holding the metal part of the circular needle and that there are several stitches not attached to it (or to the cable which was formerly attached to the pointy part).  Try to channel the Yarn Harlot– “I do not knit because I am patient, I am patient because I knit”.

12.  Skip S&B because you really can’t concentrate  when you’re chatting, and you really want to bring this sucker to its knees (or ankles, as it were).  Take two hours to knit 12 correct rounds.  (Interspersed with too-numerous-to-enumerate not-correct rounds)

13.  Finish the cuff.  Wonder if it’s too pathetic to drink by yourself before lunch on a weekday.  Re-examine your deadline.

14.  Realize that DH is leaving town on business for three days.  Get ready to rock the rest of that sock!  Vow not to vacuum until the sock is completed.

15.  Promise to post pictures when both socks are completed.

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another setback

So here I was, all ready to sit down and write a witty yet relevant blog post as soon as I finished my lunch, when I encountered a little setback.  The scenario involved some almond butter with no emulsifier and an immersion blender.  Suffice it to say that only an idiot would attempt to clean the blades on an immersion blender without disconnecting it from the motor, and I am typing this with just my right index finger.  I shall elucidate once coagulation has occurred.  Long story short?  Can’t type.  Bleeding.

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Don’t get too excited, but today is… (wait for it, wait for it)


Yes, today’s date (o3/03/09) is great cause for celebration amongst the  math set.   I will admit to having had a certain fascination with high school math, which could easily have evolved into something further had I had the least bit of encouragement from my high school teachers.  Oh well, now I just have to celebrate with the rest of the enlightened and semi-enlightened.

Socks continue to flow off my needles, although I’m slowing down a bit on a second sock.  Much television has been watched, and I continue to discipline myself to finish this sock because I need the needles to start anything new.  I have even had fleeting thoughts of resurrecting a half-finished shell in the UFO bin, but I shook that off.   I don’t know if anyone else read this (of course you did!), but it came at just the right time.  If Stephanie can attack a shawl with that much relish, and do so repeatedly, then three tries to get a toe just right cannot possibly be considered anal retentive.

Sadly, there are no pictures to share today, but I do get to go and have my teeth cleaned.  I better go and floss now so that I’ve done it at least once since the last lecture.

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