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One of those moments

You know what I really hate?  Assiduously protecting my clothing from tomato-based products during meal preparation only to slop red wine on myself during dinner.


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In the spirit…

of the Olympics (which I am being forced to watch every morning and evening (and noon, if Mike or Andy is at home)), I present the following nonsense:

I wonder why governments around the world pour so much money into training elite athletes when so much can be done at the grass roots level?

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On Assignment

I’m still knitting in secret, so there’s no WIP pictures to show.  I will ask a question, though.  I am using a 4 stitch i-cord castoff, and am down to my last 4 stitches.  Now what?  Is there a way to graft them to the i-cord that runs up the side of the *****?  Help please!

I was quite pleased to find these

in the KnitPicks book sale (sadly over for now).  They were so inexpensive I bought the whole set (except the crocheting one- I don’t need any distractions).   Even with the exchange issue (Canadian dollar seems to be a bit saggy) and shipping, it was waayyy less than buying locally (sorry, McNally Robinson).  Wallace showed only a passing interest and Attie not at all.

Can't read.  Sleeping.

Can't read. Sleeping.

I do have a copy of the Vogue Stitch Dictionary from about 1940, so I can verify that these are a vast improvement.  They slid right into my bookcase as though they’d been there forever.

I am off for lunch to a Thai restaurant with my dinner club friends.  (This is the batch that has been together since high school and previous; grade two is the earliest connection.)  We are planning our 50th birthday party for Vegas in October, and are trying to decide which shows to go and see.  We already have tickets for the highly-recommended Menopause the Musical, but have two other evenings to fill.  No-one else seems to want to go to Star Trek the Experience, so it’s a good thing I am independent.    We just found out that there is a wedding coming up in December for one of us, so this puts a different spin on the whole excursion.   I realized that somewhere along the way we have become less Sex and the City and more Golden Girls.  The upside is that I wear comfortable shoes now and apologize to no-one.

I wonder if Chippendale’s does an afternoon show?

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The bad thing about doing gift knitting is that it makes for crappy blogging.  I mean, I’m knitting a  ********* for  ######  in  &&&&&, and this person just might check out my blog, so it will have to be a mystery to everyone.  I’m also doing a  @@@  for  ****  in  ?????????, and that person might also check out the blog, so that too will have to remain a mystery.

In the meantime, I am not working on the shawl, so I had time to try something new.  My feeble attempt at tea-dyeing curtains was less than successful.  Instead of creamy beige, the curtains came out pink (and no, it wasn’t rose hip tea.  It was black.)

the unsuspecting curtains

the unsuspecting curtains

Many teabags were sacrificed.

Many teabags were sacrificed.

divided up evenly

divided up evenly



made me want to build a fort

drying on the deck: made me want to build a fort

Now that I think about it, this is the second time recently that I have desired notpink, yet ended up with pink.  The curtains have been washed and bleached back to their previous state of white.  I swagged a piece of muslin up instead, which worked, but now I have to find a place in the linen closet to put the curtains.  Rats.  I think I’ll put all the old blinds up on Kijiji as a grab bag; first phone call gets them all for free.  Just so long as they’re out of my house, and I’m sure someone can use them.

On the bright side, after a brief moment of  thick-headedness, I have installed the first five blinds in the new windows.  I’m still a trifle embarrassed over the whole incident and do not wish to speak of it further.  (At least until my face isn’t quite such a brilliant red.)  Okay, I’ll confess.  The original brackets were correct.  I was having a spatial brain fart.  Once the nice young man on the other end of the phone explained it to me, I was able to put the blinds up in about half an hour.   The blinds for the rest of the house have been ordered, and should be here in two or three weeks; I am looking forward to putting them up.  It makes me feel handy, and gives me an excuse not to be outside gardening or mowing the lawn.

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Just so you know, according to Allrecipes.com, August 8 is Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night.  Also note that I am aware of this holiday?  festival?  excuse? so I will be sleeping on the porch with the light on.  Don’t try it.

Now, if we could arrange to have “leave some dark chocolate and a great Merlot on your neighbor’s porch” night, I would support and encourage everyone’s participation.  Someone organize that and let me know.

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Memory Jog

Note to self: Today’s Important Thing to Remember: Demonstrating at the Exhibition. This evening. Take knitting. Should be no problem.

I had an adventure yesterday. I drove to Prince Albert just north of Saskatoon and took Mike’s Great-aunt Peggy out for lunch. I may have mentioned before, but she is a peppy 94 year old spark plug who likes to fight for the bill after we eat. I laid down the ground rules before we ordered, and I bought.

I also had a great visit yesterday with Terri, Sabrina and Apollo. I of course forgot my camera, so there is no photographic evidence, but because I bought Terri a piece of yummy-looking lemon meringue pie, she’ll vouch for me. (Yes, she can be bribed.) I had a tour of her new house, checked out the yarn stash, and petted ze pooches.

After a quick trip further north to Christopher Lake to drop off a screen door at my niece’s house, I parked my butt at a soccer game (Mike’s girls’ team had an away game) in Prince Albert, and mostly worked on this:

It’s going a little slowly, and probably should have been knit on larger needles (it’s a little less airy than I wanted), but we’ll see if wetting and blocking can help.  Otherwise, it will end up as a large scarf instead of a shawl.  It’s my first attempt at using sock yarn for something else.

Back to the soccer game:  I did yell “Go green” at (usually) appropriate moments, but truth be told, watching your husband coach isn’t as exciting as you might think. (Sort of like watching your son ref. Yawn.) I managed half a pattern repeat (16 rows) and was glad there were no mosquitoes, because once I put on the bug spray I have to stop knitting or risk getting it all over the project.  Mike has told me that if the girls win provincials that there will be a trip to nationals in Prince Edward Island in the fall.  I might be persuaded to go along.  (I’m always up for expanding my carbon footprint.)

Today’s project was supposed to be installing these:

No, no, no. I am having issues with my computer skills. These are already installed in the house.

Let’s try again:

There we go. The first instalment of new window blinds. My schedule was cleared, the cordless drill was charged, coffee had been consumed and the instructions had been read. Horrors. The mounting brackets were wrong. In a panic I phoned the company (fearing that the blinds would not work in my windows and that I would have to re-work the budget and buy something else that would cost the same as the GDP of a small country.) and they reassured me that there had been a glitch (I’m so glad I’m not the only one who suffers from glitches.). They are couriering the correct brackets out and I should have them tomorrow or Monday. Then I’ll be able to walk upright through the bedroom in my underwear.

Andy is all bent out of shape because the video I posted a few days ago of him and his friend Brendan parkouring didn’t make the finals in the contest in which they entered it.  Obviously the panel was fixed.  I told him to invent his own contest and write the rules to suit himself.  Oh, to be young and sweat the small stuff…

Now I’m going to go and plan supper.  We’re eating early tonight so I can go and – oh shit.  what was I supposed to be doing?

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I mentioned the other day that there might be some embarrassment coming up, and here it is.

Every year the Saskatoon Exhibition holds, as do many other exhibitions, a showcase and competition for fine art and creative home arts. Last year, Glenda from Prairie Lily (and esteemed committee member) asked me if I would be interested in judging the knitting and crocheting entries, and I said sure. Well, wires got crossed and they didn’t need me to judge (perhaps they checked my credentials). This year, I asked Glenda if they might need me, and she said yes. I go my package in the mail with all the info about where, when, how, who and why, and I wrote it on my calendar. They even wanted all the judges to bring an article to put on display so people could see that yessir, this person does have credibility. I was debating between a Kerry Blue square shawl from here and Starmore’s Grapevine from Stillwater. I was pumped, I was jazzed, I was excited to do this. Monday morning I checked the calendar, and took the dogs to their vet’s appointment (which I had forgotten two weeks prior and had had to re-book) (there is a certain amount of irony here, as you’ll see in a minute). (I am doing a crappy job of building tension, aren’t I?)

I put supper on early, as I had to be at the venue at 6:15. Mike got home from work, and said “Hey, if we’re eating early, why don’t we go to an early movie?” So, off we went to see the Dark Knight. I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing. Completely and utterly. I was like Dorrie in Finding Nemo. You know how sometimes you have a nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something important? Nothing. Absolute blank. It was not until I got home at 10:30 and sat down in my knitting chair that I glanced at the package from the exhibition (put right on my knitting table so I would see it) that I remembered. I felt horrible.

Forgetting to do something you don’t want to do (like a Pap test or a mammogram) could be excusable. There was no excuse for this. I called with my apologies the next morning (Shirlee was very gracious about the whole thing, probably thinking “What an idiot!”) but I will not be surprised if I don’t get an invite next year.

I think I’ll up my dosage of Ginko biloba.

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