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Question:  What do the following have in common?     Fire ants.  Killer African Bees.  Scorpions.  Rattlesnakes.  Black Widow Spiders.

Answer:  These are all critters by which I was fully expecting to be bitten when Mike and I made our first foray into the desert last week.   Happily, I didn’t even see any of them (although there was a sign saying “move along, as the African bees have colonized in the area” or words to that effect).   We saw lots of these:

and oodles of these:

and a real Road Runner (I didn’t get a picture- it was running.   Across a road.).  Upon reflection, watching the bird wait until there was a car coming before crossing the road, I thought this is like a gopher here at home, only with feathers.  And faster- I didn’t see a single roadrunner smeared on the pavement.

I was all set to knit en route, but discovered that instead of packing 4.5mm needles, I was fully equipped with 4.0mm needles, and the resulting scarf was a little stiff.  It will be frogged, and re-done, because it is a cute pattern (and doesn’t require much of a time commitment), but not until after Christmas.  Maybe not right away after Christmas either, because I have a set of placemats to finish weaving by the end of January***, and some other detail things to look after.  Details?  What details?  Well, I’m so excited that I can barely stand it.  Not only did we take a trip to the desert, but while we were there we bought a house . Yes, I am preparing to become a Canadian snowbird and spend some time in Arizona every winter, whilst calling back to the prairies on a weekly basis just to check on the weather.  And maybe laugh.

***Placemats for the dining room table in the new house, since the ones in the house have plates glued to them.  And wineglasses glued to the plates.  And napkins glued inside the wine glasses.  And so on.

So, here’s a peek at the new Casa Under Sask Skies:  (or Under Buckeye Skies, if you want to get technical)

We bought the builder’s showhome, all landscaped and furnished (Mike has gone and spoiled my fun there).  It’s more house than I would have expected, but lots of room for company.  What really sold Mike was the backyard:

Of course, there is a little work to do on the inside:

Andy's room

Geoff's room

I guess it’s off to Craigslist or Kijiji- there’s no basement, so nowhere to stash unwanted furniture.   When we got home, it was well below freezing and there is a skiff of snow on the ground, so we felt pretty good about the investment.  We’ve had lots of offers of company from friends and family, so the place will be well used (except from June to September-a little warmish for my taste.  I’d rather fry an egg in a frying pan instead of on the sidewalk, if you get my drift.)

My loom will fit as carry-on baggage, and I have scoped out the fibre stores in the Phoenix area (although I didn’t make Mike visit any on this trip, even though I did go to a golf course with him), so I will have no problem finding stuff to do.  I’ll be like Frank Lloyd Wright, and have a winter camp in the sun.

Mike’s all het up about getting the Christmas tree up, so I’d better go and start moving furniture around.  This will be the first time in a few years that Geoff will be home, and Courtney has expressed some interest in learning our family’s traditions (oh crap, now we have to have traditions?), so yes, we’re excited for the holidays.  I may even do some baking. And don’t tell him, but Mike’s getting a big jug of sunscreen from Santa.


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