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Where has the summer gone?  It seems like I’ve been home from Phoenix for just a few weeks, and yet checking the calendar, it’s been almost three months since I posted here!

We’ve had a nice time around here.  After our trip south, I told Mike I would be happy just to hang around home this summer, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.   After our yard construction last year, where we sat out in the yard exactly zero times,

we have been making up for it this year.  We’ve got a new patio, potted  flowers,

and new wildlife

(better behaved than the dogs, I must say).  The bats have not yet moved into the bat house

(I even put the Bat Symbol on the roof so they could spot it while flying over), but  the instructions  said it could take a year or two before they find it.  I know there are bats in the neighborhood because we’ve been buzzed  a few times in the evening, and there is a lot of available food for them (I really hate mosquitoes- but who doesn’t?).  It’s just a matter of time.  We painted the fence, and in a few places the paint is all that’s holding it up.

All in all, the backyard is a Happy Place.  If I was organized on the weaving front, I could theoretically even drag a loom outside and weave there.

I did not join a team for the Ravelympics Ravellenic Games, but I did my own thing.  I am the sole member of Team Anarchy/Does Not Play Well With Others, and I accomplished my Olympian task of finishing the body of Squares that look Round.

I need to decide on the border colour and mounting and hanging details, but this was a lot of fun, and I am pleased with all 45,000  stitches so far.  The pictures cut right through the whole illusion thingie which is much more obvious in person, so if you want to see the effect, click on the link and give Steve a visit.

Oh yeah.  I also finished the blue pullover, about which I am ambivalent.

I suppose one can’t love all one’s projects equally.

In case anyone is still reading, and was wondering “I wonder what Judy’s little granddaughter looks like now?”, here’s the latest:

My heart goes all aflutter.


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Another new frontier has been crossed; another redefining of my role in life has occurred.

At 7:25 am yesterday, March 17th, Mackenzie Leigh joined us from whatever the opposite of the Beyond is. The Great Before? The Slightly Confining Preceeding? Anyways, she arrived weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces, and welcomed by at least 6 grandfathers and at least 7 grandmothers as well as an assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins. (I have to approximate because there’s been a remarriage and I don’t know the status of the new inlaws or if they even care.)

Observation: Even if they don’t let you stay in the hospital more than a day or two now ( and believe me when I say I would have stayed in 2 weeks if they’d let me), someone should make sure that you can visit with the lactation consultant right away instead of some silly student nurse who doesn’t really have a clue, instead of your poor sleep-deprived husband having to physically track her down as they are ushering you out of the hospital even though you suspect (and rightly so) that perhaps a little pow wow with the lactation consultant is in order.

I’m here for a week or until my son and his wife figure out that I still can’t cook.

Another observation: You never lose the Standing Rock, or the Sway, or whatever you call it.

I do have some pictures to share, but I can’t seem to load them on my iPad. Just another example of how technology is passing me by. I’ll hook up my laptop tomorrow and then you can see just how cute and not at all leprechaun-like she is.


Oh, figured it out.  Whaddya think?


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