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for many reasons.  At the top of the list today is an issue which doesn’t affect me personally in my life, but it does affect many people I have met through the internet and the fibre community.

The supreme court of California was not able to overturn Proposition 8– you know the one, where GLTB couples cannot be legally married in the state.  Since I have never been involved in this particular kind of discrimination, I will leave it to Amy to sound the Call to Arms.  Please read this, and don’t be afraid.  I promise you that no lightning bolt will reach down and zap you.

Sometimes I just sit here in my insulated cocoon and assume that every one in the world is as lucky as I am.  I have a good life, I am contented, and I sometimes need a kick in the ass to remind me that there are still people out there who can’t have what I take for granted.  Perhaps it’s not enough that I sit and quietly agree with Amy;  maybe a little discussion is in order.  Whether I progress to carrying a sign at a protest remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I’ll do my bit and ask you please to read Amy’s writing, and consider seriously where you stand on the issue.   We’re all just people, after all.


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My parents have filed a protest.  My mother claims that she did not sign any kind of release for her picture to appear in my banner, and my father does not remember saying I could use one of his photographs in my banner.  Can I help it that it’s a great picture of the expanse of the prairies? (Taken from the Cypress Hills in south western Saskatchewan)  Before she jumps on the bandwagon, the other figure in the picture is my sister Heather.  As soon as I get off my butt and take a picture of the Majestic Plains, I will remove the attractive-yet-offending picture from my blog.  I will send a cut of all my royalties to the injured parties, and we can all get together over a picnic on the long weekend in May and laugh about the whole misunderstanding.

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