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Fibers Through Time wrapped up today.  I don’t know how much of  the course content will stay in my main bag of tricks, but it was a fun weekend (except for the insomnia) (more on that in a minute) and I got to know some really interesting people.  There was one other Canadian woman taking  a class, and one Canadian instructor.  I always chuckle when people in Arizona say I have an accent, because I can never hear anyone else  down here in Arizona speaking with an accent.  Great.  I talk funny and apparently I am going deaf.

Insomnia, you ask?  Yes.  The hotel bed was more than a little uncomfortable, and the pillows were feather, which made my eyes scratchy.   Once I did get to sleep, I dreamed that the knitting police kept bursting into our classroom and telling me that I was doing it wrong and I should just give up trying to pretend that I am creative.  Then I found myself driving around in some gated community but I couldn’t find the gate to get out.  I suspect that I was a little stressed about having to step outside my comfort zone of knitting in the “Paint by Number” genre.

I got back to my house today  to find that the lovely stick that I mentioned in my last post, and which I had left on the patio to finish drying, had been tossed out by Lorenzo my yard guy.  I guess he didn’t share my vision.

I may have bought another little bit of  Navajo spun and dyed yarn.  I will try to remember to snap a picture to post.

Now, I think I’ll head to bed and see if I can evade the knitting police long enough to find the exit from the gated community.


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My knees hurt.

We rented a nail gun- fun is my middle name- and installed baseboards in the basement yesterday.  The mitre saw was on the floor, and the baseboards were-of course- on the floor, and in spite of the cushy underlay and the new carpet, when you’re as old as Mike and me, more than a few minutes kneeling is too much.

So, to add injury to injury, today I put some shelving together.  Here’s where I started this morning:

That’s my Uncle Hap’s old trunk.  It smells like an old trunk, so I don’t open it, but I love that it has his name scratched on the top.  He was my mother’s only sibling and we lost him eleven years ago.  I still find myself thinking some Sunday evenings “I should just give Uncle Hap a call”, and then I remember that he’s gone.  I smile though, because he was a pleasant man and a gentle man, and family meant a lot to him, especially in his later years.

Later in the day, the view progressed to:

I knew I wanted wooden shelves, and rather than risk marital discord by insisting that we stop at Ikea on holidays to buy shelves there, I sourced some out at the local RONA store, and 80 screws later and more abuse on my knees, I have shelving.  The rug I bought at Pier 1 when I worked there many years ago.  I noticed the label warned that there could be dye transfer if it got wet, but we are supremely confident that that could never happen.

At the end of the afternoon, I foolishly accepted Mike’s offer to help me move things from the office upstairs to the new Playroom in the basement.  I don’t think he had any idea how many little bins of fibre were living in the closet of the home office. (He did say something about getting not needing to feel bad about buying that new 3 wood he’s been eyeing up.  I think he should go for it, because he needs encouragement in his hobbies, and he certainly isn’t going to knit.  Just like I’m not going to golf.  We have reached an Understanding.)  I just tell him that I am my own personal economic stimulus program.  I haven’t moved any weaving paraphernalia except my tapestry loom, as I still have to install a work surface in the old closet, but at suppertime tonight here’s what one end of the room looked like:

It's mostly sock yarn and laceweight. Not a big stash by some people's standards, is it?

I have lots more to do, since I have been waiting and planning for this for 11 months.  It’s very exciting.  I almost don’t want to go on holidays next week.  But go on holidays we shall, to visit family in the Okanagan (interior of BC for those who might not be familiar with our western Canadian geography) with a side trip to Quebec City for a weekend right in the middle of the BC trip.  Not exactly on the way, but Mike won a free trip, so I’ll go.  We’ve always wanted to see Quebec City anyways.  Then it will be home again, and finishing touches on Judy’s “I can’t believe it’s actually finished” Playroom.

Thanks for all the encouraging words over the last year.  It’s been a bugger getting all the yardwork and interior work done (outside is not quite there, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel), but in the end, we’re happy with the results and hope that we’ll never have water issues in this house again.

I will post soon about some rather interesting knitting I’ve been doing.

***Oh yeah.  We also got the treadmill and the Bowflex set up in the other room.  But that’s exercise, so who cares?

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The Canada Post “job action” is over, and I have started to receive a few things that have been lost in Limbo for the month of June.

From WEBS:

The Ella Rae Lace Merino is a discontinued colourway, and while I cannot imagine using all three skeins on one project, the price was so good I just had to order three. The Misti handpainted lace has no project assignment either, but I love colourway. The Kauni I ordered after attending the Stitches conference, and also has no specific assignment. Lucy Neatby uses it in a few different patterns, so I will just let something evolve on its own.

From our local bookseller, McNally Robinson:

Not sure how I missed this one on my radar, but it looks great. There is one pattern at which I draw the line: I refuse to knit up a sock blank, dye it and then knit it into a sock. I have too much of a backlog to knit something twice on purpose. (There is a difference between this and having the yarn protest midway through a project that it really wants to be something else.)

A few more books:

The folk series is great because if Mike says I don’t need another pattern book, I can point to the historical information and call it a scholarly work.

Finally, from Knitpicks:

Getting these parcels was like Christmas. I had almost forgotten what I had ordered. Especially from the “What the hell was I thinking?” department:

Who on earth ordered these?

Oh yeah. Part of a bundle.  Right. Not my favourite colour, but perhaps someone I know would be happy with yellow and grey socks.

The red socks are coming along slowly.

Do you want to know how much my back was bugging me over the last 2 weeks?  Even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you.  The first week I couldn’t sit, and couldn’t knit, and I didn’t even care.   The last week I’ve started to feel more like myself  (with the assistance of  a new toy) and the socks should be finished in the next day or two.

On the summer agenda:

A wedding:  My oldest nephew is tying the knot.  Nuptials to take place at the bride’s parents’ farm.  Not quite sure what to wear, although I have been advised that rubber boots will not likely be needed.

Finishing the yard reconstruction.  All that’s left is odds and ends, and putting down new sod.  Then we can “furnish” the new patio, and wait for bats to move into the newly-installed Bat House (complete with Bat Sign on the top to help them find it).  Then, if they follow the plan, they will proceed to eat all the mosquitoes in the yard so we can actually sit outside.

Finishing the basement work:  We have to paint over the new drywall patching, call in the carpet layers to (re)install the new carpet, paint and install baseboards, install new ceiling tiles, and what should be the most interesting job of all, reassembling the Bowflex.

Dare I say it?  Move into the new Playroom.  (I hope I haven’t gone and put a hex on the whole thing.)

The one thing that cannot be delayed, sadly, is our company yearend.  Now that I can sit for more than three minutes at a time, I have no excuse for avoiding the books.  So, fortified by yet another cup of Kahlua-flavoured coffee, I take my leave of you and head to my office.

(a few minutes pass)

Rats, I thought that just by typing it, the work might do itself.  Now I actually have to show some discipline.  Bye for now.

(a few more minutes go by)

No, really.  I’m off to work.

(lunch time.  I can always work this afternoon.)

Sigh.  No wonder I’m always 3 months behind.


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