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Stitches is over for another year.  I learned so much, and luckily the class notes were really good so I can refer back to them.  More enticingly, I think I want, nay, must have, all 16 of Lucy Neatby’s instructional DVDs.  I am so excited I don’t know what project to start first.  I may have to decompress for a few days before I leap ahead.

In a fit of adolescent hero worship, Lucy kindly signed both of her books for me, and consented to pose with me for posterity.

Hoping some talent will ooze from shorter to taller

Now that I’m home, Mike expects me to make supper.  Sometimes reality just plain sucks.



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Here I am, one day down at the Saskatchewan Stitches conference, and two days to go.  On today’s agenda:  Hallelujah Grafting and Ship Shape shoulders.  Tomorrow:  Cool Socks.  But enough about tomorrow.

Lucy Neatby could not have a better name.  She is so cool.  Everything I’ve ever read or heard about her does not begin to scratch the surface of her coolness.   I’m like all,  Ooh, look at me, I put a different lace edging on the shawl than the pattern called for, aren’t I creative, and then I look at the cuff of one of Lucy’s socks, and I think Ooh, there sure are a lot of levels of creativity, nay, genius in the world and I am in its presence.  (I think I may have figured out why Lucy only puts one sock of each pair on display, although I gotta tell you, if I was the shoplifting type, I would so wear a pair of mismatched Neatby socks.  Just sayin’.)

We had Meet the Teacher/Show and Tell tonight.  There was amazing quilting, custom-fit bustiers, incredibly fabulous tailored clothing, traditional rug hooking, fibre art, and some great Saskatchewan Roughriders panties and a bra, which will look great on the jumbo tron when worn with the ubiquitous watermelon helmet (it’s a Saskatchewan thing).  I  have no pictures to share because I only have two hands, and had my fingers in my ears to keep my brain shooting out.  If tomorrow is at all like today, I’m going to have to figure out how to plug my nose at the same time.  Nice visual, eh?  Sorry.

And now it’s off to bed with me.  Those monks make a mean breakfast and I don’t want to sleep in and miss it.

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I’m waiting for the landscaper to arrive so we can talk about agave, drip lines, a mesquite (among other things), so here’s a little diversion:

Here’s after blocking- I love the way lace opens up:

and a closeup during blocking:

The pattern is Celestial Trio by Vicki Mikulak . The pattern gives 3 alternate projects, with instruction for further personalization.  I whipped it up in two days (not including the blocking part), and there were only 2 issues.  I don’t like the caston I  used (the directions only say “cast on loosely”) and will be knitting this again using what I call the “pick up around the bar of  garter stitches” method.  I think I first saw it in a Faroese shawl pattern- perhaps Myrna Stahman?   I swatched for the second shawl using this caston, and I like the look much better.  It’s stretchy, and incorporates the 3-stitch garter stitch border right across the top of the shawl.  The second issue I had was totally my own; I am in Arizona, and do not have a set of blocking wires with me.  (I know, I know, who goes on vacation without her blocking wires?)  As a result, the inside edge of the shawl is not great, so I will likely reblock it once I am home with all my Stuff.

It’s supposed to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit today, so that sounds like a good day for a road trip to a wool store.  Mike asked what I was desperately in need of.  Can you imagine?  Silly man.  I just looked at him until he got the message.  “Oh.  Wool.”  Yes, he can be taught.  All I have to do is drop him at the golf course and remember to pick him up 4 hours later.  Should be a good day.

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