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Up for Air

I thought I would take a little break from what passes for frantic production and share a little of what I have been doing whilst on holidays.

I have done some nest-fixing.  I sold a big ugly brown sectional couch, took down and threw away some heavy formal dark side panels in the living room, and bought a staple gun.  The staple gun is important because I used it to reupholster the valances in the living room.  Also, having a staple gun is never a bad idea.  Everyone down here seems to have a gun of some type, so I thought I would get into the act.  (Neighbour across the street sit sits and watches TV with a gun beside him on the couch.  I wonder who he’s pissed off so badly that he thinks he needs to protect himself. )

I bought the fabric for the valances at a place down here called SAS Fabrics.  What an adventure that was.  It’s a big warehouse, bad lighting, no heating or air conditioning, dusty, and only marginally organized.  If you are a sewing person (I was going to type “sewer” but that didn’t look right somehow.) this is a fun place to go.  I got enough fabric for the valances and had enough left over to cover 2 cute little pillows for my IKEA chairs.  4 yards of drapery cotton for $20.00.  The whole store is full of great deals.


Add in a picture of one of my favourite things in life,

and the room is now much lighter, and feels like a place I could stop and read, or maybe have a nap.


While I had the sewing machine out, I hemmed some linen tea towels.  The idea came from the Purl Bee, and I am sure that I am the last person in the whole world to discover this wonderful site.  Anyhoo, back to the tea towels.  I don’t really like working with linen; it’s too independant, but I persevered and am quite happy with the results.

It may be a small thing, but I think Robin might be proud of me.  I even mitred the corners:

Has there been knitting?  Why yes, there has been knitting.

Butin necklace- kit from Patternworks

Scarf-Red Heart Boutique Treasure. Surprisingly decent fibre.

Meritwist Handpaint mitts- not my best effort. We will not speak of these again.

Baby Washcloth. Garter Stitch. What was I thinking? Snore. Circulo Anne. Nice cotton. Needs doubling.

Uncharacteristically, I have even done a wee bit of crocheting.

Mostly square dishcloths. Crocheting is not my forte.

It has been three weeks since I sent Mike home to Saskatchewan.  It turns out that we got married because we like each other’s company- I go home in a week and am actually looking forward to my other house; the one with dog hair, dirt, too much clutter, office work waiting, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, and I am looking forward to seeing Mike.  I have been having fun here; selfish fun, but fun nonetheless.  I eat when and what I want, I get the remote control for the TV  (!!!!) and I leave crafting messes wherever the hell I want.  As I told my sister, it must be time to go home, because I am thinking about stealing a shopping cart from Walmart and taking in stray cats.  I could be in danger of becoming a crazy recluse.  (If you have enough money, you can be an eccentric recluse.  I would have to settle for crazy.)

I have one more week here.  Andy and 2 of his buddies are coming down on Friday, so I will pick them up at the airport and drive them around for a few days, read them the riot act about behaving and how to close up the house when they leave for home, and then fly home and leave them to their own 23-year-old devices.  I don’t wanna know.

I’ve still got a couple more projects to share, but I have to go and eat some random snack now.  And not do my dishes.



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In case you thought that I was the only challenged Canadian solo navigating the waters of the United States, and if you have a minute  or two to be entertained, check out the last few postings of Rabbitch.

This whole independant-woman-thing reminded me of my first solo road trip (well, I was the only driver in the car) where I drove from Saskatoon all the way to Vancouver accompanied by Andy, who was thirteen at the time.  By the time we reached the Pacific coast, Andy was well trained.  Every time I made a wrong turn slight course deviation, I’d look at Andy and say “and what is this?”  He would roll his eyes as only a teenager can when confronted by the inescapable evidence that his mother is stupid, and say “It’s just part of the Big Adventure.”  Isn’t travelling grand.

After visiting Tempe Yarn and Fibre last Saturday, my knitting mojo got a little nudge kick in the ass, and I have been busy with some beads and some Ella Rae Lace Merino (and some new Addi Turbo Lace needles).  I have no pictures yet, as there is nothing as uninspiring as unblocked lace.  A little bit of weaving has occurred, but not as much as I thought.  I came down here to Arizona fully intending to acquire a wider loom, but I’ve been a little sidetracked, and was introduced to a nifty gadget called the Baby Wolf.    Hey, a girl can dream.  I was invited to take a class, but I think I will wait until the fall or maybe next spring.  In the meantime, I’ll be the one picking bottles in the ditch and putting the money towards my hobby fund.  I’m still thinking that I’d like to get a tapestry loom.  No reason, just sounds like fun.  I’ve ordered this book because I forgot my copy at home; I’d like to get started and it was cheaper to order a new copy for down here than to have Mike ship it down.  (Or so he said; I think he just was afraid to have to look for it in my office.  Kinda yella, that one.)

So, no pictures today, but tomorrow I promise a tale of transformation, commerce, misplaced bravado, a movie reference, glistening skin under the Buckeye sun and some subsequent libations.  All with an illustration or two.

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I was so happy that I got back from holidays in time to head on over to Prairie Lily last week.  Charlene was having her big fall sale, and it was a gooder!  I met Terri for tea and goodies (packed my own picnic- I told Charlene if I’m going to be entertaining at her store, the least I could do is bring the fixings.  That and enough coffee to offset at least part of what I have consumed there over the years.) and we did a little visiting and a little shopping.





It’s funny how you look at fibre differently depending on what you plan to do with it.  Right now I seem to be a little obsessed with Simon Baker weaving, so every choice seems to be a function of that.   Along those lines, I got brave and tried to add a few floats to the most recent scarf.




I promised Mike I wouldn’t warp for the next scarf until I had our company books ready to go to the accountant for yearend, but I’m having trouble getting the stupid frickin’ files transferred to the thumb drive.  I really hate stupid Windows Vista, and the stupid accounting program I had to switch to because of stupid Vista, and the stupid computer (which I suspect is woefully under-memoried) and having stupid real life interfere with my fun.   At least I don’t have a spider crawling down my pants.

Is it happy hour yet?

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for many reasons.  At the top of the list today is an issue which doesn’t affect me personally in my life, but it does affect many people I have met through the internet and the fibre community.

The supreme court of California was not able to overturn Proposition 8– you know the one, where GLTB couples cannot be legally married in the state.  Since I have never been involved in this particular kind of discrimination, I will leave it to Amy to sound the Call to Arms.  Please read this, and don’t be afraid.  I promise you that no lightning bolt will reach down and zap you.

Sometimes I just sit here in my insulated cocoon and assume that every one in the world is as lucky as I am.  I have a good life, I am contented, and I sometimes need a kick in the ass to remind me that there are still people out there who can’t have what I take for granted.  Perhaps it’s not enough that I sit and quietly agree with Amy;  maybe a little discussion is in order.  Whether I progress to carrying a sign at a protest remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I’ll do my bit and ask you please to read Amy’s writing, and consider seriously where you stand on the issue.   We’re all just people, after all.

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A small water-related “incident” at our business caused me to be on the business end of a shop vac until about 4 am Wednesday morning, so for the fourth consecutive Wednesday, the Prairie Lily Gang (sounds like ineffective cowboys, doesn’t it?  Kinder and gentler and so forth) was without my company.  I hope they remember me…The next night I had trouble going to sleep (something about the nap in the afternoon, no doubt) so I stayed up and watched Star Trek, knit a bit



and perused some new books:


Sleep followed.  If this is how my body reacts to one late night, travelling to Scotland in June (!) should be interesting.  (I’ll be the one sleeping through the castle tour.)

I have followed the Yarn Harlot’s escapades with Mr. Washie with some interest.  Laundry is the one household chore that I actually enjoy doing (because you can work really hard putting in a load, and then sit down and knit until it’s done), and I’ve had a recurring problem over the years with mysterious spots on Mike’s t-shirts.  It wasn’t personal until they started appearing on my clothes, so after the usual maintenance checks, changing of detergent, fabric softenenr, etcetera and so forth, on Tuesday I emptied out my “fun money” account and bought a new washer and dryer.  Went with top load (for felting purposes) but 4.5 cubic foot capacity (king-sized bedding- friendly!).  I shopped without Mike, and actually got the features I wanted.  Now, my husband is a darling, but if it was left to him, all laundry would be done on the heavy duty cycle, warm wash cold rinse, and dried until crispy.  The subtle nuances of different cycles are lost on him.  (“What is this “gentle” cycle?  Why would we use that?”)  I have known for years that he is the embodiment of Not Reading Labels,  Directions, or Instructions.  I had purchased a pair of classic wool pants, lined, far more expensive than the budget could stand (but I was going to wear them for years), ****dry clean only***.  I came home one day, and Mike (who I didn’t think even knew where the laundry room was) had done some laundry.  On top of the dryer was a green sodden lump.  I held up by the waistband what used to be my pants and shook them gently.  The lining fell gracefully to my ankles, and the pant legs fell damply to my knees.  I walked into the living room and asked “What happened to my pants?”  Mike replied in a “gee I’m clever” kind of voice “I took those out of the washer and thought “I bet these don’t go in the dryer!””.  Silence.  Disappointment.  Tired resignation that at least he tried.  Then recently, as the laundry spots became an issue on his t-shirts, I started to do the math of how many t-shirts (which can still be worn under a sweatshirt, after all)  it takes to make up for one pair of totally ruined pants.  I think we’re approaching even. 

You may have noticed that the mitts I am knitting don’t have thumbs.  I hate knitting thumbs, and hope to rely on the kindness of others for that little detail.  The third mitten has two cuffs, because it’s a “holding hands” mitten, part of a wedding present for the upcoming nuptials of my son’t buddy.  (I can’t believe Patrick’s old enough to get married.  I’m barely old enough to get married.)   It’s a Lion Brand pattern, and there is a weird hole between the cuffs.  I will have to get a second opinion on that.  It can’t possibly be anything I did…

The hat is from Canadian Living Magazine (January), using Patons Rumor.  It should be appearing on the website soon.  It was a fun knit, although my gauge was a little tight (maybe because I was stressed when I was knitting it?) so it’s gone to the church with my mother to decorate the “woolly tree”.  

And now, just in case anyone is feeling overwhelmed with his or her life, and all the complications which seem to consume us every day, I ask that you check out Kody May Knits.  Whether or not you get involved in social and justice-related causes, or just say a few quiet words to whomever you say quiet words to, please remember Kody May and Randy.  What they are going through right now makes my complaints and concerns seem petty and unimportant.  When people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, that’s okay, but then when they follow it up with “It’s all small stuff”, well, that sticks in my craw.  Kody May and Randy are not sweating small stuff; this could be the fight of their lives.  Literally.

I believe that the contemplative side of knitting need not result in the gifting of the object being knit to the person you think about or pray for while you are knitting.  Please use at least a little of your knitting time this weekend to send good vibes to people who really really need them.  And don’t sweat the small stuff.

Have a good weekend!

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