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Short Attention Span

I’ve been remiss with the blogging lately.  I admit it.  I’ve wanted to write; I’ve had flashes of “That would make a great blog entry!”, but then the distraction du jour rears its head, and I’m forget what I was intending to do and I’m off again in a different direction.  I feel like Dorrie in Finding Nemo.   Four things have been occupying me: Geoff’s nuptials this weekend (!), Mike’s stupid endless socks that I despair will ever be completed (and even if they are he’ll wear them once and they’ll either snag on his rough feet or they’ll felt in his shoes), my grade eight class reunion in Ottawa the weekend after Geoff’s wedding, and the renovation we’re starting on our house.  Walls are coming down, closets are expanding, floors are being hardwooded, and most excitingly to me, a six-foot bathtub is being installed in the master bathroom.  No bubbles or jets, just enough deep water to soak the top half and the bottom half of my person at the same time.   There have been many decisions to make, and I’ve been the decision-maker.   I love this kind of thing- light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint colours, flooring- but I have been spending so much time on it that I gave the knitting an unintentional break.

I am soldiering on with the !^*@# socks, because I know if I stop they’ll never get done.   I’m not just being selfish, because I have projects for me that eventually have languished  into the frogpond, but part of me thinks (irrationally, but I can’t help that) that somehow these stupid socks are Mike’s fault.  To counter that, I have started a wee bit of lace; after all, who desn’t need another lace wrap?  I may take a picture soon and post it just to prove that I haven’t stopped knitting altogether.

**For those of you who may not remember every single detail about my family, Geoff is my 24-year-old firstborn.  He is getting married this Saturday to a lovely young lady he met while both were working on a cruise ship.  I couldn’t be happier for them, but it’s been causing me to be a little retrospective.   I’ll  have to make sure I wear waterproof mascara and carry a large box of kleenex on Saturday.   There will be tears.  I just hope there’s no snuffling or loud sobbing.  It’s so embarrassing when Mike gets emotional.


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