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No, not a new fragrance.  Unless it’s the sweet smell of completion:


A new record for me- eleven days for a pair of socks.  Not evenly split between the socks, though.  I had to stop on the second one to deal with things like this:


and to admire things like this:


Mike refers to Attie as a “Flat-backed retriever”.  Any guesses why?


But I digress.

I started these cute little socks a week ago Tuesday, and finished them yesterday morning.


A little wash, a little dry, not enough blocking to show the eyelet around the bottom of the cuff  (because really, will I block them out with pins every time I wear them?  I think not.) and a really comfy pair of socks!  I always fold down my socks anyways, so ankle socks may be the way of the future.   Foldover cuffs don’t really save any knitting time, but they are fun.  (providing I refresh my chart-reading and lace-knitting knowledge base.)    I used Phildar Preface (colour 085- it’s a little grayer than the photo shows).  I put in a handkerchief heel from the latest KnitPicks catalogue (available online)  (them what says, says that it’s good for a narrow heel.  Cinderella I ain’t, but I do have narrow heels)


This was not an easy picture to take, but you can sort of see how the heel comes to more of a point at the back of my foot than a regular heel.

All in all, a satifsying project.  I think I shall wear them to dinner tonight.



With other clothing, of course.

On to other matters:  Has anyone knit socks with Drops Fabel? I have embarked on a pair of socks with this yarn, but the gauge and the needle size specified don’t even seem to be in the same universe.  It is specified as 26 stitches to four inches on 2.5 mm needles.  Now, maybe milimeters are a different size in Germany than they are in North America, but when I swatched (yeah, I know) with 2.5 mm needles, I got more like 32 stitches to four inches.  I didn’t even bother checking the row count.  So, away I go on 3.5 mm needles, fudging the pattern as needed, and really, after the first two rows, I’m just doing my own thing.  (Oooh, look at Judy fearlessly knit socks.)  The fabric is nice and soft for 75% wool, and the colourway is called Texmex.  (It was that or Guacamole- can you tell  that I’m not really all the way back from down south?)  I cast on last night and I’m already into the gusset decreases after turning the heel.   Mike will think (rightly so) that I neglected any housework while he was gone.   I guess I’ll put the knitting up high and run the vacuum around.   Or maybe I’ll just finish the first sock and then vacuum…


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