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and so it is Finished!

After reading Brooklyn Tweed last week (the November 13th post), I did a little browsing on the internet and decided that a really chunky throw was just what my brother-in-law needed for Christmas.   I landed at Lion Brand’s website, and after downloading the pattern (free) for this little number,  I ran out last Thursday, bought the yarn, and hunkered down with 8 mm needles, yarn, and all ten episodes of season 2 of the Tudors.    Mike was out of town so I didn’t have to bother with cleaning, laundry, cooking, eating, personal hygiene and so forth, and I knit until my back and neck cramped up so I could knit no more.  A little application of ice, some ingestion of Ibuprofin, a little lie down and I was ready to go again.  Mike came home on Tuesday, and the beast was blocking on the dining room floor.  I was completely up to date with Henry the Eighth (at least to Anne losing her head) and ready to take a break from any knitting for a few days.  As an aside, I was amused to see in IMDB (my favourite on-line source of possibly-accurate-but- maybe-not movie and television trivia- if you haven’t been there, you should check it out.  It’s a hoot.) that they have tagged certain details about some of the Henry episodes with “spoiler alert”- like it’s a big surprise or something.  It’s pretty much a given that someone’s going to have vigorous sex, and someone is likely going to be executed.  Sorry if I ruined the surprise.

Aaaaaannnnyyyyhow, here’s  the finished product pre-block, during blockage, and after.




The main detail that emerged from the blocking is that the holes opened up, the whole thing isn’t as lumpy, and it went from being 36 by 46 inches to 48 by 58 inches.  Whether it holds the blocking (being 80% acrylic and 20% wool) remains to be seen.  I hope my sister’s husband likes it; he does tend to hang out in the basement and watch television (he’s a Maple Leaf fan, so I may include a big box of kleenex).

I had yarn left over after the Veronik Avery Lace Ribbon Scarf, so I knit a pair of mitts.  (This is old news, but bear with me.)


Sadly, when I washed them, they demonstrated how nicely the yarn drapes.  You’d think I might have thought about that, since the scarf blocked out about 120% in length, but no.  So my solution was novel (for me).  Instead of gifting the mitts, or tossing the mitts, I cut off the ends and added some ribbing, and voila!  Some fingerless gloves:


Our fingerless glove season is quickly drawing to a close, but I’ve worn them a few times and they are quite comfortable.  They look like hell don’t look so great when they’re off, but the ribbing is quite stretchy and they will definitely get more wear this way than with three extra inches of flop at the fingertips.

I continue with my stealth knitting for Christmas, and continue with the birthday celebrations.  Today was the wind-up; a get-together with the Ladies who Lunch and Sometimes go to Las Vegas, and there was Thai food, and chocolate, and laughter and friendship.  And chocolate.  I am well and truly fifty, and life has never been better.


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