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Untitled and Mildly Pointless

I don’t know how many of you read Franklin Habit’s Panopticon blog, but you might want to give it a look.   I have been following Dolores van Hoofen’s run for the White House with even more interest than I watch Saturday Night Live, and imagine my surprise when I saw that she had been in my hometown on the campaign trail!  (scroll down to the entry for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan).  Actually, it wasn’t a surprise because I hosted her while she was here, and showed her all the sights.  (Well, I took her to my LYS Prairie Lily, and then to the Husky Truck stop).

Franklin’s blog offers a goodly dose of the absurd, which suits me just fine.  And speaking of absurd (how’s that for a segue?  Subtle or what?), the non-cooperative yarn that I mentioned last post has been put in the Bin of Shame, (also known as the Rubbermaid-stay there-until-you-are-ready-to-come-out-and-be-serious bin) and will remain there until, well, you get the picture.

Bad, naughty yarn.

Bad, naughty yarn.

How can three balls of perfectly beautiful yarn (Noro Yuzen- wool, silk  and mohair.  Lucious.) be so picky about their next incarnation?  Just to make a point with them, I have released two balls of Lily Chin Broadway, and they have obviously learned their lesson and are becoming (in conjunction with some Paton’s Brilliant.  Really, it’s a good combination.) a perfectly lovely stole.  No shaping, no increasing, no fitting, an 8 row pattern with a 9 stitch repeat and I still have to sit in a silent room to knit it.  I will post pictures in a day or two; although at the rate I’m going it will be done well in advance of Christmas.  (That should be enough leeway not to jinx the whole shebang.)

In the meantime, progress is being made on the ostrich feather shawl (which only has pattern every fourth row)


This is an old picture. I'm actually much further along.

and on a piece of mystery knitting that would like to be done by Christmas.  Easy peasey.

We’ve had a lovely fall here in Saskatoon.  (and this is where I would insert a photo of the lovely fall colours except that I never took any, and they’re not nearly as spectacular as say, New England or the Maritimes, and the leaves only stay on the trees for about twenty minutes after they turn, so if you don’t have your camera with you you’re out of luck.)  It’s a beautiful run-up to my birthday (and it’s a milestone one this year.  I’m handling Fifty way better than I handled Forty.) and I’m actually excited about it.  Can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but the Vegas trip with the girls was in honour of us all turning fifty this year.  I expect to celebrate for a week on either side.  Having birthdays certainly beats the alternative.  Do you remember the t-shirt “God put me on earth to accomplish a certain amount, and right now I am so far behind I will never die”?  That’s where I’m at.  And at peace with it.

Enjoy the American election coverage- it should be over by Christmas.


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